Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet To Receive Bigger, Better Update

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire $199 on Amazon

Amazon has apparently been working on making the next version of Kindle smarter, stronger and definitely bigger. In order to compete with the iPad, Amazon will apparently make a 10.1inch tablet as the next version of the Kindle Fire. It will still have the same customized Android OS and the same features with a faster processor and better battery life. But only the size has been rumored as of now.

According a post on supply chain news source DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based chassis-maker called Catcher technology has secured a deal from Amazon for supplying the required tablet parts. But there have been no information released by either Catcher or Amazon about the specifications of the Tablet.

Rumors of the newer and larger tablet have been going around for a while now on the internet and the logic does make sense. However, there are still several versions of the rumors to go on and there is the small issue of price.

Some posts speculate that Amazon might be release both the current size and the 10inch version together later this year. However, some posts claim that the larger size will be round 8.9inches. That is not that much more than the current 7-inch size.

If Amazon does consider making and selling a 10inch tablet device, then it will have to step up its prices. The Kindle Fire has already sold millions and has established itself the ruler of the cheap tablets and is apparently at second place behind the iPad in terms of number of sales. The gap between number on and number two are still pretty large. This does however underline the fact that nobody else is selling tablets right now.

One of the main reasons for the Kindle Fire’s popularity was its rock bottom price. At $199, there was nothing else in the market that could compete with the well-designed Kindle Fire with the might of the world’s largest online retailer behind it. Barnes & Noble in fact had to bring out a 8GB version of their Nook Tablet just to price match the Kindle Fire and stay competitive. The original Nook Tablet was 16GB and priced $250.

If the rumors out of Digitimes are to be believed, then Amazon will have their new tablet/s ready by the third quarter of this year. With the first quarter almost at its end, there’s about six more months for Amazon to finish its development work.

Other than a battery upgrade and some tweaks to the OS, there’s not much that Amazon can do at this price point. It can definitely try to increase the processing power and the memory but then those upgrade would cost them extra all round because they would also demand a bigger battery to give the same up time as the current versions.

So it will be interesting to see how Amazon manages to refresh the Kindle Fire and make a brand new version that is better enough than the current one to make the frugal market decide for an upgrade.

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