Amazon Kindle Gets Future Forward With Front Lit Screen Rumors

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The Kindleis the world’s most loved e-Book reader right now. It’s only competition is the Nook by Barnes & Noble. It’s only complaint is that the e-Ink screen cannot be read in the dark or under low light conditions without an unsightly external light sticking out from the top of the device. Whilst the Kindle is consistently outdoing the Nook, the lighting problem has not been officially addressed yet. Unofficially though, there’s word on the street that Amazon is working on a Kindle that has a front lit screen that would enable the user to read in the dark.

According to an article published on TechCrunch, sitemember David Coleway has caught glimpse of a Kindle device that is yet to come. It was apparently wrapped in a cardboard disguise but the screen was quite visible. He saw a horizontal slider on the screen and when he touched to slide it, the screen lit up. At first the front light was just bright enough to be a faint glow. Pretty soon it was very obviously and then it was clearly projecting some light on to the front because eInk screens have a reflective backing.

According to the author, the light was still quite soft even when pushed to its brightest, meaning Amazon has made sure that the Kindle will be easy on the eye no matter what. He also talked about the temperature of the light, which looks like it is the bluish-white LED that produces a cool glow. A lot of people like the look of a warm-white much better but given the kind of device the Kindle is, bluish-white suits it better. It goes with the Grey and white of the device.

He could not get a chance to take a peek at the actual hardware design of the body but it is quite clear that the Kindle would not deviate much from the current design. The current design has been perfected over the generations and is now quite comfortable to hold and read. The controls are now very well placed and this specific one seems to be touch-based, which makes things even easier.

There’s no current release date on it actually but it is expected that Amazon would be release this device some time in 2012 itself. Since the last refresh of the Kindle line was the addition of the Kindle Fire tablet late in 2011, a late 2012 release right before the holiday season is very much possible.

The Kindle is currently the largest selling online bookstore and the gap between second position holder Barnes & Noble and Amazon in this regard is quite visibly large. Other than the obvious prowess of Amazon’s online presence, the Kindle’s success is also fuelled by the international data connection deals cracked by Amazon. This allows international kindle users access online content on their Kindle eReaders without needing a separate data connection or plan. This has made it an instant hit in multiple countries all across the world.

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