Intel Ultrabook Prototype Shows Tablet Hybrid Capabilities

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Intel’s show at the IDF event last week in Beijing consisted of a nifty little showstopper in the form of the Cove Point concept Ultrabook that transforms in to a tablet form factor on demand. It is a Windows 8 based design that has brought back some excitement in the Ultrabook sector.

Ultrabook is an Intel-owned brand and is signified by their ultra-fast, ultra-thin and ultra-portable designs. They were designed mainly with Windows 8 in mind but there are already over 20 Ultrabook models out on the market. Almost every major PC making company such as HP, Toshiba and Lenovo, have joined in to the Intel initiative and are putting forth brand new concepts such as the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga that opens all the way to the back and the HO Envy 14 Spectre with its Glass topped lid and interiors. However, the segment that was designed by Intel to bring the focus back to Windows notebooks from tablets, is somewhat lacking in terms of the buzz surrounding it.

Whilst showing off this concept Utlrabook design, Director of Marketing for Intel’s PC Client Solutions Division Gary Richman said that the Ultrabook designation was never designed to be limited to the clamshell format. The Cove Point AKA code name Letexo is more of a twin design that is similar to the Asus Transformer Prime Android tablet that comes with a keyboard dock to turn in to a netbook of sorts. The goal for these devices is simple — cater to the crowd that wants both a tablet and a notebook.

The Cove Point device has a touchscreen tablet that stays on top of the keyboard when the device is ‘closed’. The keyboard slides in behind the screen and completes the transformation. When you need the keyboard, it can be slid out and the screen will sit on it at an angle to work like an open notebook.

And it does not stop there either. The tablet/ultrabook has multiple folding positions and it can be made to stand at an angle that is better for movie watching or at an angle that makes it easier to type on the touchscreen.

The main selling point of the Cove Point design is the fact that it is not a mobile device in anyway, which the Asus Transformer prime and other Android devices are. Humming away underneath this machine is true blue Intel silicon that is capable of running Windows 8 Consumer Preview quite smoothly, as Intel demonstrated at the IDF.

This Ultrabook/tablet hybrid comes with a 12.5inch screen, two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port and WiFi of course. The device has apparently been under development for over one year now, according to Richman.

This is a reference design, one that OEMs will adapt to their own models and brand. There have been no announcements so far but it is possible that Intel will team up with one of its allies and help release a Cover Point device.

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