Black Friday iPhone Deals

There were no Black Friday iPhone deals to speak of this year, at least if we”re looking at the most recent model of the popular Apple smartphone. That”s pretty much to be expected given the history of the iPhone and the fact that the iPhone 5 is still a very new product. While the iPod Touch was available at a discounted price from Apple”s one day sales event, there was never really a chance of an iPhone being sold for less than full price.

That isn”t to say that you can”t get a cheaper iPhone from other sources. AT&T

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is currently offering refurbished iPhone 5 devices for just $99 with a 2 year contract. The casino online build quality of the iPhone 5 isn”t the greatest and these tend to scratch fairly easily, but if you really just want to phone and don”t care as much about how your phone

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looks on the outside then there”s nothing to worry about.

There are also a number of deals for iPhone 4S handhelds going around right now. Best Buy is offering $1 iPhone 4Ss along with a 2 year contract and it”s increasingly easy to find discounts on contract free units of the same.

None of that necessarily falls under the category of Black Friday iPhone deals necessarily, but if the goal is to get a quality product for as little money as possible then there”s no reason to ignore something just because it doesn”t fall on a specific important day. There are plenty of other Apple products being used as incentives in retail centers around the US to promote sales so it”s not going to hurt anybody if iPhones are poorly represented in this one case. Who knows, maybe they”ll come up with something more impressive for the increasingly popular Cyber Monday sales period at the end of this weekend.

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