Cyber Monday iPad Deals

We can”t say for sure that Black Friday resulted in any sort of sales record for Apple, but let”s face it…Black Friday resulted in a sales record for Apple. The reason their event was such a huge success can largely be found in the discounts they provided for the iPad and iPad 2. These tablets, considered by most to be the absolute best you can get in their price range, saw discounts of anywhere from $31 to $61 depending on model and feature selections. I”m sure the prices they discounted temporarily for the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, Macbook Air, and iMac also helped in their own ways but it”s not a huge leap to arrive at the conclusion that Apple is seeing their biggest returns based on iPad interest.

Now we are left to wonder whether they are willing to give it another go with some attractive Cyber Monday iPad Deals. Supposedly this was intended to be a one day event. it was announced in advance and there has been no followup to let us know about a second such sale. That said, it would be hard to imagine Applpe being willing to pass by one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year.

We might also be taken by surprise with a completely different selection of Apple sales. The iPad Mini is considered unlikely to see a price reduction any time soon, even if we”re talking about a temporary one, but there are few products in Apple”s lineup that could use it more. Nobody is going to mind being surprised there. A cheaper Mac Mini or Apple TV would also be interesting. Both make great additions to any home theater setup and the explosion of 3D HDTVs in the past year make that a great market to exploit.

Will we be seeing any more Cyber Monday iPad deals? Consider it likely.

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