New Secret Boards: Latest feature launched by Pinterest

According to latest reports, Pinterest adds yet another interesting feature known as ‘Secret Boards’ to their site!

Pinterest is a creative and quirky website that simply used as an online pin board. This two-year old company lets you tag just about anything that you want to find on the internet, and preserve it. It can be information to train your dog, or your favourite dress patterns or even guidance on holiday destinations! You can even go through other people’s pin boards, and re-pin something that catches your eye! With their latest feature you can store and pin interesting stuff as a secret tag, without the fear of the eyes of the public.

While earlier, you could browse pin boards created by other people, Pinterest now offers you to “pin” something on using the ‘Secret Boards’ feature so that it doesn’t show up anywhere else on the site of Pinterest. If you do wish to share it with anybody, the creator can add or invite people to view it. This just means that members can create their private spaces at the bottom of their profiles by using the ‘secret’ button.

At this point in time, however, the existing boards cannot be converted to Secret Boards, as other members may have already re-pinned it to their personal boards. However, any new post can easily be made private using this feature, and if wanted, users can invite other users to pin with them in private. It was also noticed that Pinterest tweaked its privacy settings around the same time, to avoid future public scrutiny.

According to Evrhet Milam, the software engineer on the technical team of Pinterest said that they thought that the upcoming holidays was the right time to test their newest feature of Secret Boards. Thus, they are running this feature initially as a test round in order to see its effect.


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