Apple adds to its trademark list with Retina (TM)

Last week in an event, the concerned authority in the United States of America granted Apple a Trade Mark for “Retina.”  Retina is the marketing term that the company uses to describe the density of the pixels of its screen. The company profoundly uses the term for both its iOS devices and computers. It is to be mentioned that a petition for the Trade Mark was originally filed by the company on the same date of its launch of the iPhone4. According to the claims of the company, the iPhone4 is the first device that has the Retina Display. Apart from the iPhone4, the Retina Display has also been used by the company in its other devices as well.

The Trade Mark that has been granted to the company does not cover all the goods and devices of the company. The Trade Mark is restricted to computers, computer display screens, and mobile devices. It is however worth mentioning that the Eyeballs are not included under the Trade Marks. Along with the “Retina Display”, the Apple was also granted a Trade Mark for Game Center icon. The Game Center is a social gaming service that is launched with the iOS devices.

The granting of the Trade Mark is an important achievement for the company. This Trade Mark would help the company to keep away from unwanted disputes. The importance of the Trade Mark can further be understood in the context of the dispute that arose between Apple and the Chinese company, Proview Technology over the ownership of the name of iPad. The matter took a serious turn and finally got resolved with an agreement of $60 million between the two companies. Thus, in a highly competitive market it is very important to get proper Trade Marks. The Trade Mark legally establishes that the Retina Display is the sole ownership of the Apple.

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