Instagram – Support Removed for Viewing Pictures within tweets

Photo sharing and editing tool, Instagram has completely removed support for viewing pictures within tweets. The photo sharing service was discontinued from Sunday. According to Twitter, the decision was made my Instagram which was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion earlier this year. However, Instagram users will still be able to share pictures directly via a website link but the preview feature will not be available.

This means that users will now have to visit the Instagram smartphone application or the website to see an image. Twitter cards have become very popular on Twitter as it provides a more media-centric experience to users. It allows applications to show pictures or videos directly on the timeline. According to sources, Twitter is also planning to present its own photo filters by the end of 2012.


Experts believe that the rivalry between the Social Networking giants, Facebook and Twitter led to this change. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram said that this change was necessary because he wanted users to interact with photos on their own website rather than on a micro-blogging site such as Twitter. He also said that he wanted to make Instagram a prominent platform for photo sharing. Twitter confirmed these significant changes on their official blog post on Sunday afternoon.


It is clearly evident that Social Networking platforms are growing increasingly protective due to the increasing competition. It has been noticed that Twitter too has introduced stringent regulations pertaining to third-party sharing. Observers claim that such rules have been implemented to keep the users on their respective platforms and prevent migration. Instagram was closely associated with Twitter but after its acquisition by Facebook, things changed.

Since then, Instagram offers a greater level of integration with Facebook and has also designed special web pages so that users can view their pictures online.

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