John McAfee deportation delayed as he is hospitalized in Guatemala

The software pioneer John McAfee who is in news lately in association with a murder case has now been accused of entering Guatemala illegally. John McAfee, who is aged 67 has reportedly entered into Guatemala illegally with his young girl friend and also two writers. According to his first statement, he mentioned like he would be killed if he was caught by officials in his country in relation with the murder case. The Guatemalan government is not in favour of the points put forward by him to get excuse from the case. Firstly, he was in immigration detention centre, from where he was moved to a police-run hospital in Guatemala in complaint of chest pain.

McAfee’s lawyers is trying for a positive judgement for his side and court has to take a decision on this within the 48 hours time up to which he can stay in the country. According to reports, once he is relieved from hospital, he would be taken into police custody for further questioning relating to the incident. Another strange thing is that, throughout this time the accused was blogging. He came up with a post this Thursday which is titled “Urgent from John”. In this post, he asked his supporters to immediately put forward an email to the Guatemala’s president asking him to make the court process speedy enough to know his status in the country.

Not only in his posts but also in the videos that covered by the media, he mentioned about the privileges he enjoyed with the Guatemala jail comparing Belize, especially in the section of food. Tech world is waiting for more updates about his status soon.


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