Zukerberg’s sister’s picture leaked on Twitter

Privacy on Facebook is essentially a fable at this point. The new additions and change in settings do make the users feel that the control over who can see it. But in reality everything and anything you put on facebook, regardless of the settings, is not away from the public eye. It can even happen if you’re related to the creator of Facebook .

Randi Zuckerberg posted a photo of her family playing with the new Poke app to Facebook. She thought she did this privately, but it was not so. What we think is private and what Facebook thinks is private can be two very different things. Vox Media‘s Callie Schweitzer said she found the picture in her news feed because she had subscribed to Zuckerberg’s Facebook feed. Schweitzer then tweeted the picture. This did not go well with the Zukerberg, who used to run Facebook’s marketing department and produces a reality show. The tweets have been taken down.

Zuckerberg wasn’t happy about the added attention for her photo. She on Twitter described it as “way uncool” that her private picture postings were being spread around publically. It was later revealed that Schweitzer was able to see the photo because she is Facebook friends with one of the other Zuckerberg sisters who was tagged in the private photo.

The photo in question is not anything too susceptible, although it is understandable that people want their family photos kept undisclosed.

It shows four persons standing around a kitchen looking astounded as they stare at their cell phones with their mouths wide open. In the background Mark Zuckerberg can be seen as the fifth person joining the group.

Many people reacted sharply to Randi Zuckerberg, saying that her brother’s company makes privacy settings hard to navigate.

Privacy woes Ms. Zuckerberg!!


4 comments to Zukerberg’s sister’s picture leaked on Twitter

  • David Ridge

    Ah, well, she’s kinda pudgie but I’d date her!

  • Golden Guy

    I`ve got a bucket of crocodile tears for randi suckerberg. What goes around….comes around eh? Poor baby….what a bunch of pathetic crap.

  • Judge Roy Bean

    One word: KARMA! L O L. Faceplant is one of thee biggest time wasters on the planet. Anyone spending their time posting c ra p to FB deserves whatever happens. FB is like siph, once damaging or personal info is out there, it’s an unwanted gift that keeps on giving. She can sue her bro for the violation of privacy. Probably get 500 million. L M AO!

  • M Weiser

    Isn’t that so sad, the tribal zuckerfools are getting hit with their own actions. Terrific! We can only hope that every banker and member of a certain breed of arab desert dwellers are invaded – just like they invaded the people of the usa.

    I cheer every day when I hear that the ny city component of israel are being embarrased by a member of their cult. Thieves and con men all, the more money they lose the happier I get – I can not wait until the new taxes on brokers and people named goldman, sachs, and the rest of the money grubbers hit them hard, I hope.

    Ha Ha little jewish girl, this is unpleasant isn’t it? throw out your bibles, toorahh, and koorans they are just instructions for discrimination and corruption. Losing money on your falsebook stock Ha Ha…

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