Discounts on Nokia Lumia smartphones

This might come as a good news for those who were planning to buy a Nokia Lumia smartphone recently in the United States. Nokia has started to offer post holiday discounts on its Lumia smartphones. Even though its just over a month since it release, Nokia has already started offering discounts on Lumia 920, 810 and 822 models. Nokia says that it has made significant profits since the release of the Lumia smartphone series and is happy that their shares, that dropped terribly before they started building Lumia devices, have been rising up significantly. Well, we can call it a good justified reason for the post holiday discounts.

Nokia Lumia devices feature good hardware configuration along with one of the most widely appreciated windows phone Operating System, that is currently in two versions, windows phone 7 for lower range mobile devices, and windows phone 8 for higher range devices. The operating system features a very new and beautifully built up design and the interface is just too good. The windows phone app store is simply fabulous and has a wide range of windows phone applications designed by developers across the globe for a better smartphone experience of the customers.

As per the offers, you can now get Nokia Lumia 920 and 810 models for just $39 price tag on the website While you can get Lumia 822 absolutely free on a contract basis for two years, provided you need to follow some compulsory minimum calling plan options but still a free phone for two years is no bad option. Today, Nokia relies entirely on the Lumia devices to stabilize its financial graph which was falling rapidly. After the downfall of the Symbian market, Nokia is expecting a lot from the windows phone devices, let’s see how far it takes the telecom giant.


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