Ex-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates thinks Windows 8 doing good without him

 Ever since the release of Windows 8 on 26th October, it has received mixed reactions from the users with some of them praising the new user interface, whereas others feeling it’s totally awful. In spite of all of the criticisms, Microsoft’s new offering seems to do pretty well. Tami Reller, CFO for MIcrosoft’s Windows division, announced that Windows 8 is surpassing Windows 7 when it comes to upgrades.

According to Microsoft, 60 million licenses have been sold out for the latest Windows version. Although other reports say that it is not doing anywhere near to what the company hoped for, Bill Gates nevertheless seems to very pleased.

When CNBC asked him regarding his come back to Microsoft as its CEO, Bill Gates stated that Windows 8 and Surface are performing pretty “well” without him. He said that there is loads of exciting stuffs going on in Microsoft and although the field is competitive, both Surface and Windows 8 has been doing pretty fine.

He also added, “So I share lots of ideas where Office should go, and I think the field as a whole should feel proud of how quickly it’s moving, and Microsoft will lead in a lot of those areas.”

Gates replied that he uses a Windows PC to read on and comprehends that the Windows Phone is “a fantastic product” and a “great tool”, when asked about the devices he uses.

Moreover he pointed out that he is occupied with the company on a part-time basis and has all his focus on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, regarding which he also gave an update that $28 billion has been given away by the Foundation for combating healthiness crises like Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis across the globe.

In a few days, Windows 8 prices will be hiked up by Microsoft by around 400 %. So make up your mind faster whether to go for it or not. Also, Microsoft will be releasing the Surface Pro Tablet that runs Windows 8 rather than RT in a couple of weeks.


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