New Service makes easy to install pirated iOS

Worrying issues are still not over for the Apple, after the shutting down of popular jail-breaking service Installous that was used for installing pirated iOS app a new set of services have turned that is more endangering this previous one. These services will create a more threatening situation than before as they allow the user to install pirated iOS app even without a jail break. This will help the hackers to evade Apple DRM and they can easily access the pirated apps without being noticed.

This is grown issue, Installous was available to just few people where as the current service is available to number of users, hence making it more problematic to control hacking and using of pirated apps.

The Zeusmos and Kuaiyong are the two new services that could be preferably picked by the hackers as it is the safest solution to use pirated iOS apps. These two easy applications have been operating in market since some time but have become more popular now. These services are quiet simple to operate, it takes just one click to install those pirated app that too without any jail breaking issue.

Zeusmos is unique kind of service it is available free of cost for the jail breaking devices whereas it has certain amount of fees for those who choose to protect them against themselves against the jai breaking activities. In their defense Zeusmos service providers pose that this particular service is focusing only on the code sign application and in no ways support piracy rather they are popularizing just to sell their product.

In comparison the Chinese Kuaiyong that offers same kind of service but with add on factor that is purely free. It also offers licensed app so that they can install these iOS apps in many devices.

These services though appear to be harmless but can pose a big threat for Apple people.

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