Windows 8 Tablets – More in Demand than iPads?

It is a common psychology of human beings to demand whatever new is available today. They have an insatiable wish for all the new innovations. Very recently there has been some news in the air about the competition between the newly released Windows 8 Tablets and the iPad. A large number of information employers seemed to prefer Surface Tablets compared to the Apple counterpart.

A detailed study by the Forrester group suggests that those of who are engaged with information technology are most likely to prefer the fresh and exciting Tablets powered by Windows 8 operating system for their work purposes and not an iPad. The thorough research by the group has reported that almost 32% of the total interviewees have a strong desire for the appealing and interesting Windows 8 tablets for their professional uses.

Another study conducted by ReadWrite revealed that only 26% of the total sample size has wish for an iPad. However one interesting point to note is that, the research has not been conducted among the social networking site freaks. Rather it has been carried out among a total of 9766 information technology professionals. However these respondents did not seem to have any justification for their biased liking.

It is anticipated that there will be a huge crave for the Surface tablets. However, it has been reported that only 900000 Surface tablets have been shipped in the last quarter of the last year. Even though a large proportion of respondents do have a soft corner for the Surface Tablets equipped with Windows 8, however they all do not own it. Only a mere 2% have reported to own this Windows 8 Tablets. On the other hand, according to Forrester group, about 33% of these same information workers confessed to like iPhones, while Windows 8 seems to fascinate only 10% of them. Now, it is a matter of question whether Windows8 will be able to keep up the fire of everlasting Microsoft.



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  • Paul

    I am an IT professional and do not use an IPAD or a windows8 tablet. I bought my wife a windows8 laptop and I am going to either have to put linux on it or reload it with windows7. She dislikes windows 8 with a great passion. I have used the laptop on several occasions and found I wdo not like it either. My self I use toshiba android tablets. They have an sd slot, usb and hdmi. They wqork great with bluetooth mice and keyboards. I have found that I can get more work done at work with my android tablet than I can with my laptop, except when I have to access Microsoft products. Will I buy a Microsoft tablet or laptop using windows? I have bought my last piece of equipment using any MS OS. It will not happen again. The kids have two desktops they can use a windows desktop or a linux mint desktop. They have quit using the windows desktop unless someone is on the linux desktop. They report to me that the linux desktop is easier to use and they can count on it working when they need to get something done.

  • Dave

    I’m a long time MS IT Person, former MCSE, MCT. Well was anyway. Left off with MS after XP. I Bought my wife an iPad for Christmas, thought it was going to be a fancy e-reader. Was I wrong. The product is simply amazing, and useful. Get one and you’ll find yourself less and less using a PC. Windows 8, no way, tried it, and hated it. My wife bought me a Mac Mini for Christmas, it’s Unix, a little tough getting use to but it works fine. I do wish Microsoft the best though.

  • pdq

    “It is anticipated that there will be a huge crave for the Surface tablets…Now, it is a matter of question whether Windows8 will be able to keep up the fire of everlasting Microsoft.”

    What is this, a Google translation from the Korean Ministry of Microsoft?

  • B Redfern

    I’m also an IT professional and while I use windows 7 at the office I use an acer tablet and a laptop with ubuntu on it, so much easier to do web development with a linux system, you can also set it up to work just like windows xp, you’re not forced to use one particular kind of desktop.

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