Mastiff ‘Martha’ Named This Year’s Winner In “World’s Ugliest Dog” Contest

Mastiff ‘Martha’ Named This Year’s Winner In “World’s Ugliest Dog” Contest

The dog is three years old and weighs a whopping 125 pounds.

Meet Martha! She’s now a world champion.

Impressing the judges with what appeared to be her “300 pounds” of droopy skin on her long bones, she won the crown along with a trophy, a trip to NY and $1500 (USD).

The Sonoma-Marin Fair, where the event takes place, says the event typically includes lots of dogs that have been rescued from shelters and puppy mills.

Martha hasn’t always been showered with laurels.

Zindler and Martha walked away with $1,500, a flashy trophy, a trip to NY for media appearances and our undying love. She was the only animal in this year’s contest too big to be held by her handler.

Zindler said that Martha was almost blind when she was rescued, but after multiple surgeries, she’s able to see out of one eye (although her eyes are now red). She constantly plopped down on her side on the stage, her droopy face spread out when she was supposed to be showing off. Martha, a Neapolitan mastiff, competes while being escorted by Shirley Zindler in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair on Friday, June 23, 2017, in Petaluma, Calif. Martha was named the victor of the contest.

The contestants were judged on first impressions, unusual attributes, personality and audience reaction. However, with his strong sense of smell, Moe was able to enjoy funnel cakes and other fried items.

Runners up were Brussells squiffy-faced griffon pug Moe, who came in second place, and Chase, a half-bald Chinese crested-Harke mix who came third.

“The annual Contest celebrates those dogs that may not earn a Best of Show, but are lovable and adoptable anyway”.

Although, some may think it’s cruel to enter a dog into such a contest, Zindler says it’s actually all about promoting rescuing and adopting dogs that aren’t “traditionally attractive”.

Numerous contestants were adopted after the event.

The competition – which goes viral every year – usually attracts smaller dogs that compete for a $1,500 prize and a big, flashy trophy, but it’s Martha who was crowned the victor this time!

Since then, Martha, who is 3 1/2 years old, has been spayed and has undergone two eye surgeries and stomach surgery. His owner, Jason Wurtz, told reporters the 4-pound dog was a gift to his ex-wife.

Virat Kohli deletes tweet welcoming Anil Kumble as head coach in 2016

Virat Kohli deletes tweet welcoming Anil Kumble as head coach in 2016

Another important revelation was that the Chief Advisory Committee, which includes Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman, didn’t immediately approve Kumble’s extension. “That’s no taking away that aspect of him at all”.

“I have always respected that and maintained that”.

With the growing unrest between the relationship of Team India’s skipper Virat Kohli and Head Coach Anil Kumble, the whole cricket fraternity including the fans was disappointed.

“When the coach is selected, captain has not got any role in that”.

“Though the BCCI attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between the captain and me, it was apparent that the partnership was untenable and therefore I believe it is best for me to move on”, the former captain wrote.

Kumble’s one-year contract expired at the end of the ICC Champions Trophy but he was given the option to travel with the team to the West Indies for the limited overs series, but Kumble declined.

Back then during the first ODI against the West Indies, Kohli was quoted saying,”Obviously Anil Bhai has expressed his views and he has taken a decision to step out and we will respect that decision”.

“When we spoke to Anil separately and specifically asked him if there’s any problem, he said he has “no problems with Virat”.

Shukla also denied that Kumble’s departure means that Indian cricketers, especially skipper Kohli, are being given more importance than the national coach. “I can’t see Anil doing much wrong in one year”.

Kumble said that although the BCCI had, several times, attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between him and the captain, it was apparent that the partnership was untenable, and therefore, he had made a decision to move on.

‘But it is a really sad day for Indian cricket. However, despite the success, reports of a rift between Kohli and Kumble had started surfacing in the last couple of weeks before things turned way too ugly.

India had toured the West Indies previous year for a four-match Test series which the visitors won 2-0.

It may be recalled that the CAC had interviewed several candidates previous year, including Kumble before handing over the Indian team’s reins to him even though it was no secret that Kohli wanted Ravi Shastri to continue.

As penalty for ‘election-meddling’, US Senate approves new Russian Federation sanctions

As penalty for ‘election-meddling’, US Senate approves new Russian Federation sanctions

The measure flew in the face of President Donald Trump-who has both steadfastly called for better relations with Moscow and denied it had meddled in the election that saw him rise to power last year-now faces a hard decision on whether or not to sign the bill.

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, ticked off a series of Russian aggressions that he said have gone without retaliation: annexation of Crimea, intervention in Syria, meddling in Ukraine and threatening North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, as well as the USA election interference.

In addition to Russia’s cyberattacks, the tightened sanctions were labeled a response to Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and its role in Syria.

Russia is still associated with Trump, with the mechanics of his election”. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) told Politico in an interview. John McCain of Arizona.

Anyone who has hoped that the relations between the United States and Russian Federation would improve significantly under the Trump administration, can lock their hopes behind closed doors and throw the key away.

During the hearing Wednesday, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson urged senators to oppose the measure so that Trump and his administration would have “the flexibility to turn the heat up” if necessary.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a measure Wednesday that would make it harder for the Trump administration to unilaterally ease sanctions against Russian Federation.

In addition, within 180 days after the introduction of amendments, the head of the U.S. Treasury Department must submit a report on the possible consequences of extending sanctions on Russia’s sovereign debt to the Congress.

The 97-2 vote approved an amendment to add the Russian Federation sanctions to a broader bill originally drafted to pass sanctions against Iran. So the White House would have to reject stricter punishments against Iran, which it favors, in order to derail the parts of the legislation it may object to. Republican Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul voted against the amendment.

The Senate on June 15 voted 98-2 to pass the legislation, which will now be sent to the House of Representatives for approval before being sent to Trump for his signature.

It’s not clear how the pitch would be received by House Republicans, but Politico added the administration official says the White House is “confident it has allies in the House” who do not like limiting the president’s powers. “I’m really not in favor of new sanctions against Russian Federation now or new sanctions on Iran”, Paul said.

The discussions gathered steam late last month after Sen.

“This is a very comprehensive piece of legislation”, Corker said Monday night after the measures were introduced.

President Trump and Moscow have always denied any collusion. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is conducting a separate probe. The new sanctions are meant to punish Russian Federation for its role in the fighting in Syria and for interfering in the 2016 election.

Donald Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says ‘no’

Donald Trump reaches out to lawmakers on healthcare as another says ‘no’

Cathy Infield, an Independence resident with developmental disabilities who spoke with help from an electronic device, relies on in-home care provided through Medicaid and said the cuts could mean she’d need to live in an institution.

“We have no interest in playing the games of identity politics, that’s not what this is about; it’s about getting a job done”, a GOP aide said in response to criticism about the makeup of the group. He said the state’s uninsured rate declined from 23% before the Affordable Care Act to 11 or 12% afterward.

The Senate proposal would affect those now on Medicaid, contradicting what Spicer said, although the full extent of the bill’s effects may not be clear for years.

Heller, among the relatively moderate Republicans from a state that expanded Medicaid, announced on Friday that he can’t support the bill unveiled by Republican leadership a day before. Two key Republican senators also weighed in on the bill later in the show. “It’s hard for me to see the bill passing this week”. Still Medicaid is already 10 percent of state spending. We now know that this bill will deliver $661 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while cutting critically important healthcare services for the poorest among us.

“The CBO estimated that the surcharge would do more harm to the risk pool because people who are sick and have high medical costs would be willing to pay the surcharge to get the needed coverage”, Lambrew said in a conference call with reporters Friday. Erasing Obama’s law has been a marquee pledge for Trump and virtually the entire party for years, and failure would be a shattering defeat for the GOP.

Some Republican governors who agreed to the Medicaid expansion have voiced concerns to the Senate and President Donald Trump’s administration, such as Ohio Gov.

The Republican-led Senate is set to vote on the Better Care Restoration Act before the 4th of July congressional recess.

The GOP-controlled Senate bill introduced Thursday would phase out federal money to states which opted to expand the low-income health insurance program. “And as in the House bill, young adults up to the age of 26 could stay on their parents’ health care plans”.

“It’s not that they’re opposed”.

The Senate bill would partially cut funding for the Medicaid program, which pays for the majority of long-term care costs for seniors and people with disabilities.

But in his interview on Sunday, Trump seemed confident in the contents of the Senate’s bill, as well as its passage – although he predicted some changes to placate the senators that are now not supporting the legislation.

But the Senate bill, like the version of the legislation passed by the House in May, also fundamentally transforms the structure of Medicaid spending going forward.

“After reviewing the initial working draft, I believe it includes many substantial fixes to our broken health care system”, Senator David Perdue of Georgia said. In a follow up post, he added, “The President promised we’d get exhausted of winning & a lot of people in the media are getting exhausted, but they better get used to it”.

The new bill is meant to walk a delicate line in its relatively modest tweaks to the measure that passed the House last month.

Senate Republicans need 50 of their 52 members to pass the bill – along with tie-breaker from Vice President Pence.

Republican Senator Susan Collins of ME said on Sunday she has extreme reservations about the U.S. Senate’s healthcare overhaul and does not think it will be able to pass this week. “Heller is up for re-election in 2018 and is seen as one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans in that cycle”.

“It may be a squeaker, but I have a lot of confidence in the ability and the maneuverability of McConnell”, Lott said.

Wounded Congressman upgraded to fair condition

Wounded Congressman upgraded to fair condition

A gunman acted alone when he shot and wounded a top House Republican and four other people on a northern Virginia baseball field, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday.

More on this as it develops.

The gunman who attacked congressional Republicans at a baseball field in Alexandria had in his possession a list naming six Republican congressmen including Rep. Morgan Griffith. He has undergone several surgeries and remains in hospital. Scalise is “doing a lot better”, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday, reporting that he has been talking and texting.

Hodgkinson had with him a piece of paper listing the names of six members of congress, said Tim Slater, special agent in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office’s Criminal Division, at a news conference Wednesday in Washington.

The officials also described the June 14 shooting at the Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria as more of a spontaneous event and said there was no nexus with terrorism and that he had acted alone. Slater declined to name the officials whose names were on the note or say whether they were Republicans or Democrats or were at the baseball practice.

An update on the Louisiana Republican’s condition was posted to his Twitter account Friday afternoon, saying his “continued good progress allowed him to be transferred out of the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday”. He fired 60 shots as he stalked the Alexandria, Virginia field, injuring Scalise and three others, from a modified 7.62mm caliber SKS rifle and a 9mm handgun before he was killed, likely by Capitol Police officers on Scalise’s protective detail.

Investigators also found that Hodgkinson had visited his unit at a storage facility more than 43 times from April to June.

Steve Scalise, the Louisiana lawmaker shot last week at a US congressional baseball team practice, is no longer in the intensive care unit of the hospital where he is being treated and remains in fair condition, the hospital said on Friday. He also visited the office of Sen. The hospital listed Scalise in serious condition on Saturday, but showing signs of improvement.

Hodgkinson, 66, was from Belleville, Illinois, and had volunteered for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

The anti-Republican gunman, James T. Hodgskinson, was fatally shot by officers during the attack.

He traveled all the way to Washington, D.C. since March. “However, a review of the shooter’s web searches on the months prior to the shootings revealed only a cursory of two – a cursory search that is – of two of those members”, the statement said.

Wisconsin senator wants health care vote delayed

Wisconsin senator wants health care vote delayed

Under the Affordable Care Act, single taxpayers with incomes above $200,000 and couples making more than $250,000 annually have to pay an additional 0.9% Medicare payroll tax on the amount they earn above these thresholds. It would put health care out of reach for many middle-income Americans.

With unanimous opposition from Democrats, McConnell can afford to lose just two of the 52 GOP senators and still prevail on the bill. Dean Heller became the fifth GOP senator to say he would not support the measure in its current form.

Nonetheless, Heller’s announcement underscores the scant margin of error Republican leaders must deal with. A new factor would come into play: While the current subsidies are based exclusively on income, the Senate bill would also factor in age.

He called on citizens to pressure lawmakers into working with each other by calling and visiting members of Congress and sharing their stories about how the proposed bill will affect them.

Heller is up for re-election in 2018 and is considered one of the most vulnerable GOP senators.

Despite this, half of Florida’s children and three in five nursing home residents depend on Medicaid and its Children’s Health Insurance Program, according to a June 2017 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul – who released a statement Thursday saying that they are not yet ready to vote for the bill, but that they are “open to negotiation”. Before the ACA’s essential benefits were enacted 33 percent of insurance policies sold on the individual market did not provide coverage for substance use treatments, and almost 20 percent of policies failed to cover mental health. It would also slap annual spending caps on the overall Medicaid program, which since its inception in 1965 has provided states with unlimited money to cover eligible costs.

“It’s simply not the answer”, the Nevada Republican said at a news conference alongside Gov. Brian Sandoval in Las Vegas. Both pieces of legislation, which would have to be reconciled with one another if HR 1628 passes the Senate, scale back the Medicaid expansion that was integral to the Affordable Care Act ( ACA ).

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell wants to hold a vote on the bill before the July 4th recess, most likely next Thursday.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME says she thinks getting the votes needed in the Senate this week to pass a Republican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act could be very hard.

Other changes include altering the way subsidies are calculated – and therefore reducing subsidies for many people buying coverage on the exchange. And just – can you give us just a couple of ways in which it differs from the House bill?

Flake is politically popular but faces a primary challenge from a conservative. “It’s so easy. But we won’t get one Democrat vote, not one”.

“They spent $30 million”, he said.

There’s a fair amount of chatter about the four Senate Republicans – Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul – who issued a lukewarm, nearly mealy-mouthed statement, yesterday, But of the quartet, I find it hard to imagine anyone but Rand Paul actually following through.

The Senate bill does provide $62 billion in state grants to lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs for Obamacare enrollees, particularly those who are sick.

“I got back custody of my son two weeks ago and I’ve been sober 17 months”, she declared. More broadly, the bill’s tax credits, expansion of health savings accounts, repeal of Obamacare taxes, and restoration of state insurance oversight will help to drive down costs for everyone as we transition to a more consumer-driven market. Republican governors and state legislatures refused to set up exchanges that would make insurance more affordable and declined the opportunity to expand Medicaid coverage.

READ NEXT: Does the Senate health care plan have “more heart”?

In Washington, D.C., and beyond, Democratic Party leaders, a broad range of churches, major medical organizations and insurance companies have overwhelmingly criticized both bills, which they predict would hurt tens of millions of seniors and low-income Americans. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and were planning weekend rallies in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

The measure immediately encountered enough opposition from GOP senators to block passage. AP reporter Thomas Beaumont contributed from Des Moines, Iowa.

Iran Launches Six ‘Zulfiqar’ Ballistic Missiles At ISIS Targets In Syria

Iran Launches Six ‘Zulfiqar’ Ballistic Missiles At ISIS Targets In Syria

The remarks came a day after the IRGC said in a statement that the missile attack was conducted in coordination with General Staff of the Armed Forces and with the order of Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, who is the commander-in-chief of the Iranian armed forces.

Iranian forces and militants affiliated with Hezbollah, which is backed by Tehran, have launched several strikes on US -backed forces in Syria in recent weeks, amplifying a growing proxy war between the United States and Iran that threatens to ignite the larger region.

Al-Islam’s declaration that the missiles launched were “100 percent accurate” contradicts Israeli reports that said out of four or five missiles launched into the Deir ez-Zor region of eastern Syria on Sunday – a province housing IS militants – only one actually hit its target.

The missile attack came amid recent confrontations in Syria between USA -backed forces and Iranian-backed pro-government factions. The extremist group’s 7 June attack on Tehran left at least 18 people dead and more than 50 injured.

Iran has been aiding the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and is a key ally to the Syrian forces alongside Russian Federation and the Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement.

Analysts were saying that the Iranian missile launches were as much a message to the United States and Israel as they were to ISIS.

Iran has chosen to confront the Trump administration, both militarily and diplomatically, as the USA levels new sanctions and punitive measures against Tehran for its continued use of illicit ballistic missiles and funding of terrorism.

State TV posted black and white aerial video on their website on Monday which they labelled as the moment of impact of the attack. However, it stopped short of directly blaming the kingdom for the attack, though many in the country expressed suspicion Iran’s regional rival had a hand in the attack.

The Guards said it fired six missiles from the west of Iran into Syria’s mostly IS-held Deir Ezzor province.

Iran’s last foreign missile strike is believed to have been carried out in April 2001, targeting an exiled Iranian group in Iraq.

The area falls in a part of Syria that was recently identified as a military priority by Damascus, and is seen as strategically important for Iran as it seeks to secure a land corridor between forces it backs in Syria and Iraq.

Two of the Zolfaqar short-range missiles missed their targets in Syria by several miles, while three others did not even make it out of Iraqi airspace, according to Haaretz.

The missile also could strike Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

In February, Michael Flynn, who was then USA national security adviser and has since resigned, said the Trump administration was “putting Iran on notice” following an Iranian missile test and an attack on a Saudi warship by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Iran’s missiles also have the capability of striking Israel. Since Trump took office, his administration has put new economic sanctions on those allegedly involved with the program.

A long-range Iranian missile is test-fired in December 2016.

Chiefs want to interview Louis Riddick for GM opening

Chiefs want to interview Louis Riddick for GM opening

The Chiefs are searching for a GM to replace John Dorsey, who was sacked last week.

If the Kansas City Chiefs intend to interview Louis Riddick for their vacant general manager position, the ESPN analyst says he has not heard anything about it.

“Patrick Mahomes should be thanking his lucky stars he went to the Chiefs”, said Riddick, a former personnel director for both the Eagles and Washington. Riddick has been with ESPN since 2013, after serving as Director of Pro Personnel in Philadelphia, during part of Andy Reid’s tenure there.

Behind the scenes, there does not appear to be much substance to the report from NFL Network.

What is most interesting about this exchange is where a solid National Football League source like Ian Rapoport would get that information and why it would be floated if someone so connected like Riddick would so fervently and immediately deny it.

Things continue to get weird with the Chiefs’ general manager position. Mayock refuted that report quickly, saying he was not contacted regarding the job. He interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the offseason for their GM job before they ultimately hired John Lynch.

Gal Gadot did reshoots for ‘Wonder Woman’ during pregnancy

Gal Gadot did reshoots for ‘Wonder Woman’ during pregnancy

The letter, written in Hebrew by Zoey Vardi-Bar from Israel, was posted on Facebook by her mother, Liat Vardi-Bar.

Some people advocate for Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Pratt, but anyone who saw the energizing, brilliant, and badass Wonder Woman knows the truth: Chris Pine is number one.

They are making a warp-up dance show, and they asked the teacher if they could come as superheroes, they are going to sing a song about bunnies.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now. With love Zoey Vardi Bar. By then, I was too old to play pretend.

READ: Who Is Gal Gadot’s Husband, Yaron Versano? The next morning, Zoey’s letter was waiting on the kitchen table with a request – “Mom, please send this to Gal Gadot“.

Some of the controversy which was raised over the course of the film’s production range from Gal’s appearance and acting ability, to her characters lack of armpit hair (yes, really!) and the female-only screening which angered the insecure men of the internet. Gal was representing Israel in the competition.

Wonder Woman, the character, was created in 1941 and has always been very popular.

You are very smart and creative. “Did you hear me?” In the meantime I’m sending you a big hug. In the same Q&A, the director revealed that she is not exactly a fan of cinematic universes. In the same year she was named as the Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women & Girls by the United Nations. While Wonder Woman is certainly a feminist success in many ways, make no mistake, not even the princess of Themyscira is exempt from Hollywood’s beauty standards. In any case, there is such a misunderstanding of the concept.

This film is a reminder of what feminism is truly about: equality.

“Watching a super hero movie directed by a woman is like putting glasses on for the first time“, the Tumblr author wrote. Gal Gadot’s make-up artist Sarah Brock says the actress is “truly everything Wonder Woman embodies” and has the “most kind, most caring, lovely soul”. Another convinced her parents to change the theme of her birthday party to Wonder Woman three days before the bash.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins shared the sweet reactions of a kindergarten class to her groundbreaking female-powered film, giving everybody hope for the future.