Backbencher Heidi Allen to back Queen’s speech despite ‘anger’ over DUP deal

Backbencher Heidi Allen to back Queen’s speech despite ‘anger’ over DUP deal

“As UK taxpayers, women in Northern Ireland should be fully entitled to access NHS treatment free at the point of care, including abortion services”. “Living within our means, creating good jobs, paying people well, investing in the future by working with business. implementing the will of the British people to leave the European Union in a way that is orderly and sensible”, business minister Greg Clark said before the vote.

All ten DUP MPs voted with the government to block the end to the pay cap, which also called on the government to recruit more people into the emergency services.

Meanwhile, Labour has claimed Mrs May’s programme for government is in “tatters” following her drubbing at the general election.

Here’s what you need to know.

The embattled May has faced a turbulent few weeks since her party lost its majority in a snap election this month.

But the vote shows how hard it will be for May to push through legislation needed to ease Britain’s departure from the European Union and underlines how little room for manoeuvre she has as Conservative lawmakers jockey for position to replace her.

So what are the chances of MPs voting it down?


The House voted 323 to 309 to support the Government’s legislative agenda for the next two years, with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) giving the Conservatives their backing following the “confidence and supply” deal struck earlier this week.

What would happen if it gets voted down?

. Under the agreement, the 10 DUP MPs agreed to back May’s minority government over the Queen’s Speech as well as bills relating to national security and Brexit.

“And if every MP from Wales – Tory, Labour and Plaid Cymru together – were to vote for that, and the entire Labour Party, that in itself could bring down the government”. It would also display that May is unable to control the government she is in charge of. It is most likely that their manifesto will concentrate on Brexit and the fact that Britain’s reigning PM is the most suitable person to negotiate the best deal for Britain.

So what are the amendments to look out for?


It called for Brexit to deliver the “exact same benefits” as the EU single market and customs union, as well as scrapping tuition fees, increasing public spending and ending the public sector pay cap.

In the event the amendment was defeated by 322 votes to 101 with the rest of the Labour Party abstaining.

And there was another boost for the Tories when dozens of Labour MPs rebelled against Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit stance to support a motion keeping Britain in the single market.

Labour is also set to table an amendment calling on the government to reverse what the opposition describes as “falling living standards” in the United Kingdom, which includes greater action to tackle rising energy bills and stagnant wages.

However it only passed after ministers rushed out an announcement of funding for women in Northern Ireland to have abortions in England on the NHS to head off a Tory revolt which threatened to derail the whole process. This could potentially have been very awkward for the government with a significant number of Tory MPs reportedly prepared to break ranks and support Creasy’s amendment. Prime Minister Theresa May’s snap decision to hold the election has been viewed in varying ways with some calling it “opportunistic” and others agreeing with Mrs.

It’s a major victory for Creasy, and am embarrassing climbdown for the government.

Justine Greening, minister for women and equalities, outlined plans for funding to be available hours before debate on the amendment was to start.

When will these votes take place?