Bradley, US tie Mexico

Bradley, US tie Mexico

Fans booed and whistled during “The Star-Spangled Banner”, as usual when the team plays in Mexico, and there was an occasional T-shirt disparaging U.S. President Donald Trump.

The United States men’s soccer team’s draw against Mexico was worth more than a point in the standings.

Mexico was trying to sweep the Americans in a qualifying cycle for the first time 1972. Meanwhile, Mexico is a heavy 8 to 15 favorite to win.

Yet while it might not emphatically look like it on paper, under Arena the US has resurrected itself from a ugly start to the campaign and is now a strong favorite to claim one of the region’s three automatic spots in soccer’s greatest event. It hit the post.

The U.S. did not quite soar all night, but Bradley’s goal set the tone.

From there, it was classic park-the-bus from the usa, as Mexico racked up 74% of possession.

There were no calamitous errors, no egregious refereeing decisions, and no lasting injuries.

Bruce Arena.Kent Horner/Getty Images. But Arena has few rivals when it comes to building a team and getting everyone to buy into his approach. With a five-man backline, there needs to be good chemistry and communication-and there was.

“Chanting “puto” does not make you more Mexican”, the statement read.

“We tossed it around in our office with our coaches and they were probably not real supportive of the idea since they maybe don’t have enough experience in that formation”, Arena said. That wasn’t the case in previous years.

Arena invited 27 players to camp. It was her 42nd global goal. Hector Herrera stepped up and smacked a laser beam straight into the crossbar, rattling both the woodwork and USA fans’ constitutions. But both the vision and execution here are world class. Bradley saw the opportunity, drew the path the ball would have to take to beat Ochoa in his mind’s eye, and then had the suave touch to follow through on his vision-all in the space of less than two seconds.

After a quick turnover, Bradley realized he had a narrow opening for a chip. Davies was involved in a tragic and fatal auto accident the day before a qualifier in Washington, D.C., and, after a remarkable recovery and comeback to playing, his career took a detour.

The second half didn’t quite have the same zip as the first half, though there were still chances for both sides to find a victor.

The U.S earned this result largely thanks to the play of its three central defenders. That said, sometimes you just have to tip your hat to your opponent-that was one of the best counterattacks you’ll ever see. It was an inspired performance, with Geoff Cameron leading the way. He boldly predicted Thursday that a win at Azteca was possible.

Mexico responded swiftly, with Jonathan Dos Santos firing a low shot past Brad Guzan’s left-hand post. He broke up play after play and was able to utilize his physicality when the game demanded it.

After the goal, the game settled into a more expected pattern, with Mexico the primary attacking force and the USA looking to counter, giving up more fouls while trying to stay aggressive defensively. Tim Ream was quiet but effective.

MICHAEL BRADLEY scored a wonder goal to put U.S. in front against rival Mexico on Monday. Hard to say, but he should keep it under consideration, for sure.

Ultimately, the US held only 24% possession the entire match and had no interest in playing an open game whatsoever.

With Estadio Azteca at 7,820 feet above sea level and just two off days between games, Arena paid close attention to recovery time.

Defensively, Arena’s team was stout.

The result leaves Mexico at the top of the qualification group with 14 points.

When looking at the winners and losers after these three games, Yedlin is definitely on the positive side of the ledger. Bradley looked comfortable with Acosta patrolling the midfield nearby.

Though they only had 26 percent of the ball, the USA even had their chances to win the game.

Arena said he noticed that Sunday as well. “However, a typical club team doesn’t have the depth that a national team program should have”.