Brazil’s President Michel Temer charged with corruption

Brazil’s President Michel Temer charged with corruption

However, if voting is conducted several times as the president is expected to soon face charges of racketeering and obstruction of justice that require separate voting, support may wane out, they warned.

But if the prosecutor general does bring separate charges against Mr. Temer, each one will have to be voted on separately, said Roberto Dias, a professor of constitutional law at the Getulio Vargas Foundation in São Paulo.

Because Brazil now has no vice president since Temer, previously the vice president, took over from ousted President Dilma Rousseff, it is unclear what would happen in such a situation. He had been the main driver of the Rousseff impeachment.

A customer watches a televised brief statement by Brazil’s President Michel Temer at a snack bar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Temer’s office and his attorney, Antonio Mariz, declined to comment to Reuters on the charges.

He is also under investigation for obstruction of justice and belonging to a criminal organization.

The allegations of bribery and corruption are connected to a larger scandal in which a leaked phone call allegedly revealed Temer endorsing a payoff from JBS to Eduardo Cunha, an imprisoned Brazilian politician.

“Nothing we will destroy neither I, nor my ministers”, he said during a speech at the Palace of Planalto.

The charges filed on Monday stem from a close aide to the president, Rodrigo Rocha Loures, who was arrestedearlierthismonth after police video caught him picking up a bag of alleged bribe money worth around $150,000 (135,000 euros) given to him by an executive meat-packing giant JBS.

Temer came to power a year ago after former President Dilma Rousseff was impeached by her center-right rivals for violating budget laws, in what her leftist allies dubbed a coup.

The charges against Temer come as Brazil braces for a possible conviction in the trial of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. He said it could be further compromised if there were more revelations, or any sign that Brazil’s economy, which has been showing some faint signs of recovery, is stumbling again.

Lawmakers in Temer’s alliance are confident that they have the votes to block two-thirds of the majority needed to approve the trial.

If Mr Temer can muster a blocking third of the chamber the charge is parked until after he leaves power.

If a case against Temer were taken up by the Supreme Court, the president would be removed from office for at least 180 days, leaving House speaker Rodrigo Maia to serve as the country’s interim leader.

The move followed the release of an audio recording in which Temer appeared to be discussing bribes in conversation with Joesley Batista, the chairman of the meatpacking company JBS. Over 90 people have been convicted.

“Car Wash” action ramped up in April 2017, when the Supreme Court authorized prosecutors to probe more than 80 senior politicians for corruption based on allegations made in plea bargain testimonies. With 61 of the 81 Senate members voting in favor of impeaching Rousseff, 14 years of leftist rule in the largest country in Latin America came to an end.