China woman accidentally breaks $44000 jade bracelet, faints in shock

China woman accidentally breaks $44000 jade bracelet, faints in shock

The woman was reportedly trying on the pricey jade bangle in a shop in China’s Yunnan province when she chose to inquire about its price.

However, the pricy little bracelet slipped out of her hands and dropped on the floor before breaking into two pieces, upon which the woman fainted in horror.

Unfortunately for the woman, the jade bracelet snapped in half, reports the People’s Daily Online.

Fellow shoppers tried to comfort the woman but she ended up “fainting” right there on the spot – much in the way we do after looking through all those receipts in our bag after a heavy night out.

Jade is a luxury product in China and is seen to represent good health and a long life, and following the smash, the shop’s owner told her that the bracelet was worth 300,000 yuan (£34,000). She started making calls to her friends and told the shop staff she was feeling dizzy. The bystanders tries to calm her down but her lips turned pale and she fainted.

The shop owner did not report the incident to the police and said they were negotiating with the woman’s family for adequate compensation based on her finances. However, after she slipped it on, she was informed by the shopkeeper that the thing on her wrist cost 300,000 yuan.

Eventually, the woman’s family settled on paying the seller 180,000 yuan in damages for the broken bracelet – that’s around £20,700. The family has now agreed to pay this price.