Dems say they’ll slow Senate work over secretive care bill

Dems say they’ll slow Senate work over secretive care bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill.

Democrats will take advantage of Senate rules which allow any member to object to moving forward with routine business, a Democratic aide said.

BENNETT: Well, they’re using parliamentary maneuvers to slow down the business of the Senate, and I’m told Democrats are planning to hold the Senate floor until at least midnight by delivering a series of floor speeches.

Republicans are writing their measure privately “because they’re ashamed of it”, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a written statement.

The secretive nature of senators working on the bill is, according to one Senate historian, unprecedented in recent times. Keeping those taxes will make it easier for the Senate to defend itself from Democratic objections that the bill is a boon to the one percent. Democratic lawmakers are also responding to growing pressure from progressive activists who have been calling for more aggressive opposition.

Several senators took turns standing and requesting that the Republican healthcare bill be referred to committee for hearings and calling for the draft text to be published.

“We’re all in, this is go-time as it relates to health care – all health care, all the time”.

The U.S. Senate very soon is scheduled to vote on their version of the American Health Care Act (TrumpNoCare).

“It’s not unusual, especially for a big bill like this”. Closed-door discussions were also used to resolve differences with anti-abortion Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak of MI that threatened the bill’s passage. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., say the health care legislation should eventually be subject to open debate.

Kapur notes that Democrats plan to proactively use unanimous consent requests themselves in order to try and force Trumpcare discussions over to a Senate committee where public hearings can then be held. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, told reporters Friday. In a few minutes, we’ll hear from the independent governor of Alaska, which has a lot riding on the legislation.

The governors called on Senators to work together across the aisle to come up with a better solution.

But Democrats say not so fast.

“I believe we’re going to vote before the Fourth of July recess on a healthcare plan, a repeal and replacement of ObamaCare“, Barrasso said on Fox News. He said the entire Senate Republican conference has been “active and engaged” for months on legislation that would stabilize insurance markets, remove mandates to buy insurance, and preserve access to care for those with pre-existing conditions.

Even the deeply partisan debate over the development of the Affordable Care Act, which ended with Democrats alone voting for the bill, had Republicans at the table for much of the process.

But it’s not as easy as simply summarizing the priorities of the 52-member Senate Republican conference. Mitch McConnell and his Senate majority are committing a crime against transparent governance, popular representation, and the legislative process.