Dolby Atmos Is Coming To Netflix Today Starting With Okja

Dolby Atmos Is Coming To Netflix Today Starting With Okja

Netflix now supports Dolby Atmos.

Netflix will now be joining Amazon and Vudu as one of the only three streaming services that supports Dolby’s Atmos 3-D sound technology.

To recap, Dolby Atmos is mean to make the soundscape in content more immersive. I’m pleased to announce the addition of Dolby AtmosĀ® support on Netflix beginning with Okja, a critically praised film directed by Bong Joon Ho that recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and is available globally on Netflix starting today. Netflix insists on offering its original content to online subscribers immediately, without giving theater owners a window for exclusive exhibition; normally that isn’t a problem, because few of the company’s original features could survive in a theater anyway, but things are different when you’re distributing something like Okja, the latest vision from a certified auteur in his creative prime.

Xbox One & soon LG 2017 OLEDsNetflix says that its Dolby Atmos streams are supported through Microsofts Xbox One and Xbox One S. Support for 2017 LG OLED TVs, which have built-in Dolby Atmos soundbars, is coming soon. These include BLAME!, the Netflix original anime series, The live action rendition of Death Note, Bright, a Netflix original film starring Will Smith and Wheelman, another original Netflix film about a botched robbery. Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology introduced in 2012 and has been featured in many films since. The HDR format “enables viewers to see shows in all of their glory, with richer colors and a significantly larger contrast ratio than is possible in High Definition (HD) or 4K”, it had said when rolling out Iron Fist, the first of many shows to support it.

Dolby Atmos delivers moving audio – sound that can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in three-dimensional space, including overhead. Netflix already supports 4K UHD, HDR and Dolby Vision: aimed at making the picture do all the talking. It also works with headphones that have Atmos support. You could use headphones if you download the Dolby Access app from the Xbox Store.

Netflix has announced it’s joining the very short list of streaming services that now support Dolby’s Atmos 3D sound technology.