E3 2017: Top 10 Nintendo Switch games to look forward to

E3 2017: Top 10 Nintendo Switch games to look forward to

Following Jim Ryan’s interview with Eurogamer on the subject of cross-platform play, I’ve had multiple thoughts on what the subject. I never play on the hardest difficulty, and my technique probably leaves a lot to be desired, but I get a lot of enjoyment from slowly burning through a season or two ever year.

And if you look at what has been shown at E3 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, I think you’d be pretty pleased. The Switch version will also benefit from all of the play modes including TV mode, Tabletop mode and Handheld mode and both online (for up to 8 players) and local multiplayer will be included. This will be an adjustment if you’re used to seeing Rocket League in 1080p. Hardware specs for the newly minted Xbox One X were unveiled back in May; however, Microsoft’s E3 stage show delivered the first look at games running on the upcoming console and also confirmed a November 7 release date and a $499 price point for the system. Perhaps the most important of the releases was just a teaser. A game like “Rocket League” that requires quick twitch reactions needs to have a smooth framerate.

This devotion to fans (within reason) is a rarity in the industry, and it is easy to see why Nintendo would approach the developers at Psyonix to bring Rocket League to the Switch. I noticed a few drops in framerate here and there, specifically when a goal was scored from the explosion animation, but these could potentially be ironed out before this version’s release.

Speaking with Venturebeat, Psyonix publishing boss Jeremy Dunham called Sony’s stance frustrating, and said it made no sense.

The fact that Sony has managed to secure exclusive rights to some of the best games available makes the video games industry very competitive right now, leaving gamers spoilt for choice.

But what might surprise you is that Nintendo themselves actually went to developer Psyonix and asked them to make the game on the Switch. We run our own servers.

Other than the resolution, this is the full “Rocket League” experience, it will have all the modes that can be found in the other versions, both online and offline. So are there any technical issues that can be preventing cross-platform play. In Holiday 2017, a highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey becomes the high profile system-selling exclusive, featuring a special hat that allows Mario to poltergeist his way into controlling other characters, enemies, and objects. Players will get the chance to physically throw banana peels while wearing an HTC Vive headset and use two wrist controllers. This is because nailing the “feel” of Rocket League takes precedence over visual fidelity.