European Union fears Brexit delay after May loses majority

European Union fears Brexit delay after May loses majority

European Union negotiators will want to know who they’re dealing with.

Czech prime minister Bohuslav Sobotka said he was “delighted” that Jeremy Corbyn had significantly strengthened his party’s position, saying that the Labour leader was “the real victor of the British election”.

Mr Davis indicated there could be a slight delay before he enters the negotiating chamber, in part because of the Queen’s Speech which was also due to take place on June 19 – although there has been speculation that could also be delayed.

“The dust in the United Kingdom now has to settle”, Juncker was quoted as telling Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

There is a widespread belief in European Union capitals that Britain has underestimated both the complexity of the coming negotiations and the determination among member states to ensure that the bloc’s overriding priority must be preserving the full integrity of its single market.

They discussed how talks could proceed, a year after Britons voted to leave the bloc, but set no date for the start of talks on the substance of a withdrawal scheduled for March 2019.European Union officials said they were ready to talk now and handed Robbins texts of their position on two priority issues – rights for European Union citizens in Britain and London’s financial obligations on departure.

But EU budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Britain’s May was now likely to be a “weak” partner.

Oettinger, who is Germany’s European Union commissioner, added that the European Union “stands ready” for Brexit talks, “but the next few hours or days will indicate if the other negotiating party can even begin talks because without a government, there can be no negotiations“.

“EU did not want #Brexit, but has been prepared to negotiate it since past year”, tweeted Siegfried Muresan, spokesperson for the European Parliament’s largest grouping, the center-right European People’s Party (EPP).

She also refused to unilaterally guarantee the rights of Community citizens in the UK.

That started the clock ticking on a two-year period that should end in March 2019 with the U.K.’s departure. Most MPs don’t back leaving the Single European Market and it only needs a few rebels to torpedo the Government’s EU negotiating strategy. “The date for the beginning of negotiations is now unclear”.

In the wake of last year’s Brexit referendum, called and lost by Prime Minister David Cameron, Britain’s Conservative party took a long time to reorganize itself before it finally triggered the Brexit negotiations on March 29.

With her hand significantly weakened rather than strengthened and her credibility in shreds, Mrs May – even if she can put a government together either as a coalition or a minority – will face much uncertainty in the upcoming talks.

Gianni Pittella, leader of the socialist bloc in parliament, added: “It’s a disaster for May”.

“Whatever the result may have been it will change nothing and her gamble will not have paid off”.

Brussels was left in shock after May’s gamble to increase her majority badly backfired, with fears that it could hold up talks that have still not started nearly a year after Britain voted to leave the EU. But the prime minister said her new government would now prepare for discussions in 10 days time.

“Merkel will notice that, Macron will notice that”.