Grenfell Tower fire caused by faulty fridge, reveals probe

Grenfell Tower fire caused by faulty fridge, reveals probe

Police in London have said that the Grenfell fire started in a fridge freezer, and outside cladding and insulation failed safety tests.

The Government has annouced a team of experts will examine the Hotpoint fridge freezer, model FF175BP, which police today confirmed caused the fire.

Whirlpool said in a statement that 64,000 Hotpoint units carrying the model numbers FF175BP and FF175BG had been manufactured between March 2006 and July 2009. They added that insulation and tiles recovered from the building have failed fire safety tests.

Cladding and insulation encasing the building did not pass any fire-safety tests, she added, increasing concern the 24-storey block’s facade accelerated the blaze’s spread.

The overnight fire rapidly engulfed Grenfell Tower, with flames shooting up the outside of the building, raising concerns that the cladding material attached to the concrete block didn’t comply with fire-safety rules.

And there is the awful reality that we may not be able to identify everyone who died in that fire. Nine people remain in hospital, with three people still in critical care.

McCormack called on anyone with information on who might have been in the tower to come forward.

Though the official number of dead and missing remains at 79 from the high-rise fire in west London a week ago, Detective Chief Superintendent Fiona McCormack said police still feared the number was higher.

McCormack detailed out the specific tests that the police conducted while looking into the safety of the building’s construction materials.

“What we haven’t got is a picture of how many people might have been in there”, said McCormack.

“Words can not express our sorrow at this awful tragedy”, Hotpoint, which is owned by Whirlpool, said. “That’s the number I’m really anxious about”. Police and fire services attempted to evacuate the concrete block and said “a number of people are being treated for a range of injuries”, including at least two for smoke inhalation. “Our priority is to understand who was in Grenfell Tower“.

Meanwhile, the DCLG is continuing to reveal the tests of cladding on all 600 high-rise buildings with cladding in the UK.

Describing how the investigation was proceeding, she added: “We have been in Grenfell Tower, from top to bottom, last week”.

“We have just been informed that the fire may have originated in a Hotpoint fridge freezer (model number FF175BP)”, a spokesman said on Friday.

But they both failed the police’s safety tests, which are similar to those being carried out by the United Kingdom government.

McCormack said the police were also considering health and safety breaches against companies, organisations or individuals in relation to the fire, “the worse fire in London since World War II”.