Grenfell Tower fire: PM apologises for local and national government failures

Grenfell Tower fire: PM apologises for local and national government failures

As Prime Minister, I apologise for that failure.

“And some of them may just be anxious their papers are going through or they haven’t had papers, whatever it may be”.

“The Public Advocate would ensure that, in the event of disasters involving multiple fatalities and where there are numerous persons affected, no individuals or families are sidelined in what will necessarily be large and complex proceedings”, the document said.

“Secondly they need to be re-housed permanently and thirdly they need a long-term care package. people who’ll always be there for them”.

According to local MP Emma Dent Coad, some homeless survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster are living in their cars. “It would be political suicide”.

“I’m anxious that residents refusing accommodation, because of potential difficulties with work, schooling, medical appointments or their social work, may be penalised as a result…”

“They are trusted – a lot of people don’t trust the council because of what’s happened …”

She told MPs: “I’m sure the whole house will join me in sending our deepest condolences to the friends and families of all those who lost loved ones and today we also think of those who survived but lost everything”. He said the supposed threat was “absolutely despicable”.

The council is anxious to reassure residents that whilst four of the council blocks in the borough do have cladding, it is both a different type and applied in a different way to that of the west London tower that burned down last week.

So far, 126 hotel places have been found for residents of Grenfell Towers and Grenfell Walk.

The councillor called it “spreadsheet decision-making at its most inhuman”.

Since 2009 Croydon has invested around £10m in upgrading fire safety in its council stock, the council said, and it has also installed sprinklers in six special sheltered accommodation blocks for the elderly.

Theresa May has apologised for the failures by local and national government in responding to the Grenfell Tower fire.