Huge fire engulfs 27-floor London tower block

Huge fire engulfs 27-floor London tower block

But a resident of the 17th floor of the block, identified as Methrob, told LBC Radio that the “real issue was when it caught fire to the cladding outside”.

“They’ve come down, and they’ve tried to put the fire out but they weren’t reaching it…”

Ousama Itani, who lives nearby, told NBC News, “We wake up early sometimes anyway in the night, and one of my relatives saw the flames from the window and heard the people screaming”. The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby.

“I grabbed my little girl and ran down the stairs”, he said.

He told CNN it was not yet clear how many people were evacuated or how many people are receiving support.

Grenfell Tower fire as London firefighter crews arrive to quell the inferno. LONDRES: Le gigantesque incendie de la #GrenfellTower n’est toujours pas maîtrisé.

He said the scene was one of absolute devastation and shock among the residents who got out. He says there was heavy smoke in the hallway and he couldn’t find the stairs.

Methrob said residents had been concerned about safety, adding there had been warnings “for over a year”.

The London Fire Brigade said that 40 fire tenders and 200 firefighters were sent to tackle the flames.

“The fire is from 2nd to top floor of the 27 storey building”, the fire service said on Twitter. “I can not confirm the number at this time due to the size and complexity of the building”, Cotton said.

Emergency services were first called around 1 a.m.

London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton there had been “a number of fatalities” but she could not confirm how many.

People screamed for help as the fire took hold of the building. At least 30 people have been taken to hospitals.

The tower, built in the 1970s and renovated several times, contains 120 homes.

Others searched for information at makeshift evacuation centers set up at churches and recreation centers. So far, the number of people evacuated to hospitals increased to 50.

Many people at St.

The fire started at about 1am London time and spread quickly through the building.

“It was about 2:00am and it was just a sheer volume of noise, lots of sirens and shouting and screaming and helicopters, then kind of ‘what on Earth is going on?’”

He says it was frightening but people are being cared for well.

A massive fire broke out in a 24-storey apartment building here on Wednesday, with flames seen from the second floor to the top of the building, officials said.

“It is a terrifying scene”, Abdelaziz said.

Two hundred firefighters are at the block with ambulances and police on the scene ushering people away from the block. An updated figure was not available.

The gentleman, who is in his 70s and partially blind, is stuck on the 11th floor of the 27 story building and was shown to be crying out for help.