Iran Arrests Seven New Suspects In Tehran Attacks Probe

Iran Arrests Seven New Suspects In Tehran Attacks Probe

Blaming the victims in Tehran for an attack undertaken by ISIS – which ironically has ties to the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, USA ally Saudi Arabia – shows the rest of the world just what kind of monsters control our foreign policy in Washington.

Despite the leaders’ statements downplaying the attacks, simultaneously, Iran has vowed it will fully “avenge” the attacks and punish the attackers – six of whom were killed and five of whom were arrested.

“The mastermind and main commander of the attacks on Parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini was killed”, Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmud Alavi said in a televised programme on Saturday night.

The rebuke of the U.S. and Iran’s regional rival, Saudi Arabia, came as thousands of mourners chanted “Down with the US” and “Death to Al-Saud” while carrying the coffins of the victims through the streets of Tehran following Friday prayers.

Iranian security officials counter that it is their regional rival Saudi Arabia – a close USA ally – that is responsible for funding and spreading the extremism that underpins ISIS.

Wednesday’s attack “adds to cross-Gulf tensions that already had been elevated by the Trump trip – in which anti-Iranism was a principal theme – and by the Iran angle in the actions taken against Qatar”, said Paul Pillar, a professor at Georgetown University in Washington and former Central Intelligence Agency officer.

Meanwhile, Iran police chief Gen Hossein Ashtari said several people with connections to the attackers were arrested around the capital area.

The jihadist group claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attacks that killed 17 people.

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) threatened to attack Saudi Arabia after it claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in Tehran that left 17 people dead, according to a new video released on Friday.

The world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism got a taste of its own medicine on June 7, when twin terror attacks struck prominent Iranian institutions.

Tehran police said the vehicle the attackers used on Wednesday was discovered on Saturday in the city centre. Alavi told state TV that authorities had found and raided the home where the pre-attack IS video was filmed.

Iran and Syria both cast the conflict as a struggle against Sunni Islamist terrorism. The assaults “will only increase hatred for the governments of the United States and their stooges in the region like the Saudis”, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said.

An earlier statement from Iran’s ministry of intelligence had said that they arrested 41 ISIS members within the three Kurdish provinces of Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan Gharbi, and also in Tehran.

“Iranian people reject such US claims of friendship”, Zarif tweeted.