Kayleigh Morris has been removed from Big Brother house over violent threats

Kayleigh Morris has been removed from Big Brother house over violent threats

In a chat about nominations – strictly against Big Brother’s rule book – Ellie admitted she had planned to nominate evicted Imran and Sukhvinder.

And the feeling was certainly mutual in Marnie’s eyes too as she said she had a weird vibe from the contestant as soon as she walked into the house and refused to give her much attention.

During Friday night’s show the reality show veteran is seen sharing a very steamy smooch with her crush Kieran Lee.

On Saturday (17 June), bosses announced they had taken the step of booting the former ‘Ex On The Beach’ star off the Channel 5 reality series, with the reasons for it becoming clear during that night’s episode.

Speaking in the Diary Room alongside co-stars Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean, the 25-year-old reluctantly revealed that she had a slight crush on the Burnley native.

Probing the beauty, the TOWIE star then asked her if she would snog him given the chance.

It reads “Big Brother can not tolerate threats of actual violence in the Big Brother house”. While Sukhvinder added: “People have been trying to split us up for years”. That what’s her name.

“I wouldn’t change my experience for anything and knew what I was singing up for”.

I think it’s unacceptable that only Kayleigh was removed.

‘Maybe to miff off Lewis Bloor, or just for a bit of air time?’

The two brunettes have been involved in a HUGE Twitter spat over the past week, started when Steph accused Marnie and Lewis Bloor of “faking their relationship” and “copying her and Jez”.

Tila became the latest in a long line of stars axed from “CBB” when she left after just one day in August 2015. Considering I got cheated on, I think her comment is really insensitive.