Kevin Durant Shows DC Love After NBA Championship Win

Kevin Durant Shows DC Love After NBA Championship Win

[They said] he couldn’t play in the league, he couldn’t start in the National Basketball Association.

But while James has transitioned from hometown hero, to deserter, and back to National Basketball Association icon, Durant looks more like a mercenary than anything else.

Now that the Finals are over, the next step for the Cleveland Cavaliers is to evaluate how far away they are from the Golden State Warriors and make adjustments. It’s the first championship won by a Bay Area team in their home arena, since the 1974 Oakland Athletics won the World Series.

Though the Warriors have not yet released a statement as to why they are refusing the trip, players have publicly criticized President Trump for many of his policies.

In his post-game press conference, Tyronn Lue expressed where he feels the Cavs stack up against the Warriors. “We were able to get them a year ago, and they went out and got one of the best players that this league has ever seen, so they did a good job of – a great job, their front office and their players, by doing that recruiting, the things that they did in the summertime, and obviously, it paid dividends”. On average, his Finals opponent have been on average 3.28 points better than his teams.

Take it from another Finals MVP: those five games Kevin Durant were among the greatest in Finals history.

Lue talked about the scene in the locker room after the game saying that he and his players “had a moment”. “Coach puts us in position to maximize our strengths”.

In a meeting with reporters Wednesday, Curry was asked about a potential visit – and conceded that although it wasn’t likely, he could change his mind, Business Insider reported. According to Lue, players were crying during his speech because they “wanted it so bad”.

LeBron James’ annual postseason blackout on social media ended quickly and with aplomb, from his sharing of a video in which he sang happy birthday to his son to more footage of James looking like Michael Jordan. With the addition of Durant, the Warriors found enough ammunition to hold off James.

“No, not really. I don’t believe I’ve played for a super-team”, James said.

The difference is that James joined a team on the rise, while Durant joined a team already at their peak.