Lamar Odom tells Wendy Williams: ‘I don’t want Khloe Kardashian back’

Lamar Odom tells Wendy Williams: ‘I don’t want Khloe Kardashian back’

Tristan Thompson left Khloe Kardashian at home to party at 1OAK with teammate Lebron James last night, and they brought a vehicle full of random women with them! He then noted that he wasn’t aiming to hurt his ex-wife by saying that, but he truly believe now that it is the only way to help him heal and move on.

Unfortunately, Khloe was told that the number of follicles in her uterus is unusual for her age, which means that her chances of becoming pregnant are fewer than what is expected at her age. In fact, he didn’t even let Williams finish asking a question about what he would do if Kardashian came back into his life.

“I say that with no offense for her, that would be the best for both of us”, he explained.

According to a report, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently sent her fans and followers into a frenzy when she posted a very suspicious photo on her Snapchat account, which seemed to suggest that she and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, would soon be parents.

However, Odom said although he didn’t know why he doesn’t speak with Rob anymore, Lamar understands that he might have hurt Khloe too much for the friendship with Rob to be restored.

The former basketball player previously told Us Weekly: ‘If there’s one thing I regret when I was married, it was having multiple affairs with different women’.

“We were close. He has a child, I haven’t met his child yet or anything“, Odom said. I have no idea. “I would have a problem with me too…”

He also hasn’t spoken with Kanye West, but still gave the rapper props.

Lamar thinks Rob has distanced himself from him because ‘I don’t know. It’s been a minute [since he saw him].

“I’m working hard on rebuilding my relationship with them”, he said. “It is the way it is”.

Nye County District Attorney Angela Bello confirmed to the Daily News in January 2016 that evidence proved Odom had metabolized cocaine in his system when he collapsed, though he avoided drug charges as he was not in possession of the drugs and therefore there was no way to prove he took the drugs while he was in the county’s jurisdiction. You are the kindest soul with the biggest heart and I am forever grateful God blessed me with you. you are so amusing and make everyone laugh and continue to bring incredible joy to everyone around you. Thank you baby for treating me like a Queen every single day! “And especially if you add that on top of whatever you’re going through, that can be a lot for anybody”. “I wasn’t in a good place mentally before the incident happened”, he said.