Lewis Hamilton accuses Sebastian Vettel of disgracing himself in Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton accuses Sebastian Vettel of disgracing himself in Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel finished fourth in his Ferrari, while pole-sitting Lewis Hamilton was fifth after both were handed penalties, which ultimately allowed Ricciardo to take the race lead and win.

The safety auto came out three times in quick succession before a red flag stopped the race on lap 22 of 51 because debris littered the track.

Angry Hamilton accused Vettel of “dangerous driving” for the extraordinary manoeuvre and called out race director Charlie Whiting after the Ferrari driver escaped with just a 10-second penalty.

With Hamilton complaining that a 10-second stop-and-go penalty was not enough of a punishment for Vettel’s conduct, Horner believes the race leader would not have complained if he hadn’t lost positions due to his own headrest issue. Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas recovered from last place after a first-lap collision with Kimi Raikkonen to pip Williams driver Lance Stroll on the line to take second.

“(I didn’t think I’d win) for all my money, but this was the race we expected previous year, all the safety cars and chaos.

‘Lewis will hit him one day I think, not with a auto but with a fist, ‘ he joked. I did not give him the finger.

McLaren-Honda’s Fernando Alonso, viewed by many as the best driver in the world, finally got an engine that lasted an entire race to come in a creditable ninth and log his first points on board. “He brake checked me as well, so what do you expect?” the German said. I don’t think he really wanted to destroy my front wing, I don’t think that was his intention, because he’s also risking damage to his auto, easily a puncture and stuff like and his race is over.

“Imagine all the young kids watching today, seeing that kind of behaviour from a world champion”. “We’ve been racing for years, you just don’t do that”.

“His restart was really good, I didn’t think it was necessary”, added the German.

‘It should have been more, ‘ said the Austrian.

Three of his first five races in Formula One ended in retirements.

“It was just a insane race. I don’t need to say anything else”, Hamilton told Sky Sports. If I was Lewis, I would speak to Sebastian and ask him what is wrong.

Vettel copped a 10-second stop-go penalty for unsafe driving. Vettel felt Hamilton had slowed down on objective and remonstrated his anger by pulling alongside the Brit and ramming into his vehicle. He is insane. Lewis will hit him one day. “Maybe we’ve seen the limit of that respect today”. I’m sure he didn’t do it on objective but I’m struggling. “I think he disgraced himself today“.

“Here and there you might get a bit close but people want real overtaking not just us driving past”.