Lewis Hamilton vs Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari Driver Bumps Into His Rival

Lewis Hamilton vs Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari Driver Bumps Into His Rival

The modern equivalent on today’s grid is Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and today that rivalry took another step towards outright hatred.

Despite that, Hamilton got up close by the last lap, but the best he could manage was fifth place, behind the victor, Daniel Ricciardo in the Red Bull, second place Bottas in the Mercedes, Stroll in the Williams and Vettel’s Ferrari. He believed the Briton had deliberately brake-tested him during one of three safety auto periods.

Vettel earned himself a 10-second stop-go penalty after driving up alongside Hamilton and swiping the No.44 vehicle in protest at what he had deemed to be a “brake-check” from his title rival.

Lewis Hamilton feels that Sebastian Vettel’s 10-second stop/go penalty for unsafe driving during Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix sets a concerning precedent for Formula 1 and wider motorsport. “A statement regarding the outcome of this process will be made available before the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix (7-9 July)”.

“The safety auto was barely 150 metres in front of him, and you could have seen at the restart before that he nearly caught the safety vehicle over the safety vehicle line”. “I think he disgraced himself today”.

“I don’t fancy seeing him”. I think he disgraced himself. “I control the pace, so like all the other re-starts I slowed down at the same spot”. “I got damage. He risked damage”.

Vettel bumped into Hamilton. “I controlled the pace”.

More bad luck for Max Verstappen as another Renault engine issue brings another race to an early end. He’s kind of just got to put a lid on it sometimes.

“He was obviously sleeping and driving alongside and deliberately driving into a driver and coming away scot-free is a disgrace”. It’s unsafe driving and to get a 10-second penalty for that.

Ricciardo had to pull off some forceful overtaking moves to get to the front, but once he was there the Red Bull driver was never headed.

Vettel said the fight was “still respectful”, adding: “I don’t have a problem with him”. I’m willing to sort it out with him. If I’m struggling, people at the back struggling even more, so I don’t think it was necessary.

“It might turn into something else”. “But I think it’s really important to take away the great performance we had yesterday, the great work we did through Friday night into Saturday, the speed we had as a team”.