Meghan Markle wants Prince Harry to meet her ‘Suits’ co-stars

Meghan Markle wants Prince Harry to meet her ‘Suits’ co-stars

Daily Mail reports Harry has been showering his Suits actress girlfriend with gifts, including a beaded bracelet, a love bangle and a necklace.

It looks like Prince Harry took things to another level with Meghan Markle.

And now a gold band, which sadly for us, the Hollywood starlet has been wearing on her thumb.

A source from American legal drama series, “Suits” stated that Markle only takes the ring off to film scenes with her character Rachel Zane.

Markle was spotted in London wearing Missoma’s 18 carat gold vermeil nexus double arrow ring ($75).

Multiple sources told the Daily Mail that the actress only takes off the ring, which was given to her nearly two months ago, when she’s filming scenes for show Suits, but because the ring fits a little loose, “she’s always careful not to lose sight of it”.

Discussing the latest addition to Meghan’s jewellery cabinet, a source told The Mail on Sunday, ‘It’s a gold band and Harry gave it to her about six weeks ago‘. The insider added that Prince Harry was fond of giving presents, mostly bracelets, to this girlfriends to express his feelings but Markle’s ring hints at a serious commitment.

Meghan Markle is a girl with many talents, one of them allowed her to get the first job, which surprised everyone very much. According to a lot of rumors, Meghan and Harry are so serious about their relationship that they actually plan on getting married. The source claimed that Meghan really likes this, as she actually feels closer to her boyfriend when she has a jewelry from him. Meghan takes it off for filming but rushes to put it back on afterwards. She also wore a Cartier Love bracelet on her left arm, another gift from the prince.