Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Gets The iFixit Treatment

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Gets The iFixit Treatment

Microsoft has gone ahead and released an official system image for the new Surface Laptop which allows users who have upgraded the device to Windows 10 Pro to revert back to Windows 10 S, the lightweight version of the desktop OS which comes installed on the machine by default.

The guys over at iFixit have taken the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to find out how easy the device is to fix, it comes with a 12.3 inch IPS display with a 2736 x 1824 pixel resolution. It also shows that components such as CPU and memory are soldered in place so they can’t be replaced or upgraded.

iFixit discovered that either you keep the Surface Laptop as it is or you tear it down while damaging the components of the device.

Indeed, the teardown experts gave the Surface Laptop a 0 Repairability Score, calling it “a glue-filled monstrosity”.

Verdict: The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. The laptop, due to these shortcomings, would also not last long enough and can not be opened without destroying or damaging some of its key components.

In its findings, the iFixit team said the laptop was not meant to be opened or repaired; “you can’t get inside without inflicting a lot of damage”. Once in, the main components like CPU and RAM are soldered to the motherboard, making replacing the parts impossible. iFixit notes that it is extremely hard to poke around the insides without damaging the product.

Head over to iFixit to see the full teardown. And while most of the device might comfortably get through a couple of years of use, batteries are often need a midlife replacement.