Newt Gingrich: Trump has a ‘compulsion to counterattack’

Newt Gingrich: Trump has a ‘compulsion to counterattack’

While the White House denied that Trump had any intention to fire Mueller, the New York Times reported Tuesday night that the president had begun entertaining the idea of firing Mueller last month. While he repeatedly said it wasn’t his place to say whether Trump’s actions amounted to an obstruction of justice – an impeachable offense – he said he’s “sure” that Mueller would investigate if they did.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, one of President Donald Trump’s top allies, went after special counsel Robert Mueller in a Thursday morning tweetstorm, calling the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director “the tip of the deep state spear aimed at” Trump.

Whether Trump committed a similar act when he told Comey that he hoped he could “let go” of the investigation of Michael Flynn will likely be decided by lawyers working for Robert Mueller.

Gingrich didn’t take the bait.

The tragic shooting at the Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, remains in the spotlight as more information about the shooter is revealed. According to CNN, at least six people were shot, including Rep. Steve Scalise (R – La.), the third-ranking member of House Republican leadership and majority whip, and were hospitalized after the incident. Bernie Sanders condemned the man who he said had “apparently volunteered” on his 2016 Democratic presidential campaign.

Scarborough did not stop with just the accusation that Gingrich was spreading a conspiracy theory. Trump also nominated Gingrich’s wife, Callista (left), to be the ambassador to the Vatican. Scarborough wrote, “This is grotesque and fans the flames of rage among the unbalanced”.

It did not serve Trump very well when he tweeted the Russian Federation investigation “is a witch hunt“, Gingrich admitted to Martha Raddatz, co-anchor of “This Week” on NBC News. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. “Media should now calm down” on May 17. Instead, he doubled down, stating that people on the left using aggressive terms to describe the president have been somehow to blame for provoking this type of behavior.

As experts continue to peer deep into the issue of whether or not President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey, Newt Gingrich says that a president can’t obstruct justice at all.