Now Vijay Mallya takes on media for ‘hate campaign’

Now Vijay Mallya takes on media for ‘hate campaign’

“Wait for verdict”, loan defaulter Vijay Mallya posted on the social media.

Mallya took to Twitter to tell the media to wait for the verdict as the Government of India has filed the case in the United Kingdom court. However, during the proceedings Chief Magistrate Emma Louise Arbuthnot had taken a dig at Indian authorities over the delay in submitting proof in this high profile case.

Yesterday, Mallya had also slammed the media.”I go to cheer India in a cricket match and it becomes a media frenzy”.

When he sought a barrier to keep away inquisitive television reporters from thrusting their mikes before him outside the court, the judge permitted that he may not be present at the next hearing on July 5.

“I don’t make statements to the media because anything I say is twisted”.

“I am delighted that I can put forward my case before an impartial court”, he said. Besides, NDA government has been trying to clean the black money, corruption and Vijay Mallya is not being extradited to India.

After India’s pressure a formal extradition request for him in February, Vijay Mallya was arrested by Scotland Yard on April 18, but was then released on conditional bail.

Earlier, the London court granted him bail and scheduled the next hearing of the extradition case against on July 6.

CPS argued that the government of India will deal responsibly with any future extradition request and that a conclusion of the current case by December was preferable. “Two drunk people were shouting but several others came and wished me well”.

Mallya was spotted at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham during India-Pakistan match on June 4.

But when a reporter asked him about the “chor, chor” (thief) chants hurled at him during an India-South Africa match last week, Mallya said: “I was not called a thief”.

The flamboyant Indian liquor and aviation tycoon, 61, was arrested by British police in April on behalf of the Indian authorities, who accuse him of fraud.

Mallya, accused of evading loans to the tune of more than Rs 6,000 crore, fled to the United Kingdom after six banks led by the SBI approached the Supreme Court against him.