Pam Bondi: James Comey Only Cares About Protecting Himself

Pam Bondi: James Comey Only Cares About Protecting Himself

Trump accused Comey of lying under oath, after Comey said the president had sought him out and pressured him in various ways to drop the investigation into the Trump team’s ties to Russian Federation.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi says that one of the biggest takeaways from James Comey’s testimony before a Senate panel is that the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director only cares about one person: himself.

She also said that if tapes exist between Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey, then her committee and the special counsel need access to them. Trump tweeted in his first comments since Comey appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. Risch said “I hope” is not a direction. He further denied ever asking Comey for his “loyalty”, contradicting Comey’s detailed allegations in his sworn testimony.

His tweet aside, Trump did not mention the Russian Federation probe during an infrastructure speech Friday at the U.S. Transportation Department, but did say he wants people in public service to “rise above the petty partisan squabbling that plagues our nation” and focus on fixing problems.

“Making a false statement to Congress is a felony”, Sen. Trump said at joint news conference in the White House Rose Garden with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. “I’m very anxious about his fitness”. Asked directly whether he was recording conversations in the Oval Office – a claim he hinted at on Twitter last month – Trump dodged.

Trump said he never asked Comey for a pledge of loyalty and never told Comey he hoped the investigation of Flynn would go away. “I will tell you about it over a very short period of time”, Trump said, twice declining to elaborate.

As the fervor over former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony earlier this week continues to spread, the charge of obstruction of justice continues to weave through social media users, news accounts, and the mouths of politicians-and for good reason.

Mr Trump’s private attorney, Marc Kasowitz, seized on Mr Comey’s admission that he had orchestrated the public release of the information. Dianne Feinstein of California asked, “Why didn’t you stop and say, ‘Mr”.

A 30-second ad created by the pro-Trump Great America Alliance – a non-profit “issues” group that doesn’t have to disclose its donors – cast Comey as a “showboat” who was “consumed with election meddling” instead of focusing on fighting terrorism.

Secondly, Comey volunteered that past year he bowed to the insistence of then Attorney General Loretta Lynch that he avoid calling the FBI’s investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s handling of her classified emails a “criminal investigation”, which is what it was.

“Even folks who have been his critics don’t question his integrity, his commitment to the rule of law and his intelligence”, Mr Warner said. “I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel”, Comey told senators.

Trump was publicly silent while Comey testified on Thursday, but tweeted an accusation Friday that Comey – whom Trump fired in May – lied under oath.

By referring to “total and complete vindication”, the president was likely thinking of Comey’s confirmation Thursday that, as NPR’s Jessica Taylor reports, “there was no counterintelligence nor criminal investigation of Trump individually and that the president was not personally under investigation”.

The reporter also asked if there were tapes of Comey’s conversations with the president.