Pro-Trump PAC threatens GOP senator with ads over health care stance

Pro-Trump PAC threatens GOP senator with ads over health care stance

“Just came from WH”.

Other GOP senators who appear strongly opposed include Dean Heller of Nevada, who excoriated the bill at a press conference on Friday mostly over its cuts, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, who had been urging leaders to wait on a vote until after next week’s recess.

The president confirmed reports last week that he had privately criticized the House version of the health care bill as “mean”, even though he invited Ryan and members of the House GOP leadership over to the White House Rose Garden for a celebration after it passed. While the Texas Republican hadn’t said how he’d vote on the motion to proceed – he had previously been publicly opposed to the bill though open to negotiations.

After the meeting, McConnell told reporters, “I had hoped that we could have gotten to the floor this week, but we’re not quite there”.

“If the President wants to have a meeting with me I’m certainly willing to go and listen what he has to say”, she said.

Asked if that meant he would vote “no” on the initial motion to proceed, Paul said, “Absolutely”, adding that leadership doesn’t now have the votes it needs.

Vice President Mike Pence got an earful of complaints about the group’s ads against Heller while he attending the GOP’s weekly lunch on Tuesday, according to a source in the room.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said she’s willing to go to the White House but there are “so many fundamental problems with the bill that have been confirmed by the CBO score, it is hard for me to see how any tinkering is going to satisfy my fundamental and deep concern about the impact of the bill”.

“McConnell is going to relentlessly work all recess to cobble together 50 votes”, Senator Chris Murphy of CT wrote on Twitter.

Republican senators are headed to the White House Tuesday afternoon to talk to President Donald Trump about the future of the bill.

Utah’s Mike Lee became the fifth Republican senator to oppose letting the chamber formally begin considering the proposal. Moderate Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said she would vote no.

“Republicans would be wise to read it as a giant stop sign”, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters. “I have every expectation that the Senate – I don’t know what day -but I have every expectation the Senate will move this bill”.

GOP defections increased after the Congressional Budget Office said Monday the measure would leave 22 million more people uninsured by 2026 than Obama’s 2010 statute.

“I think it’s wise”, said Sen. The Senate bill would repeal the tax this year.

The 22 million extra uninsured Americans are just 1 million fewer than the number the budget office estimated would become uninsured under the House version. But if you want your conference to vote for the bill, you eventually have to show them the text, get their feedback, and make whatever changes you need to get 50 of them to “yes”.

The Senate plan would end the tax penalty the law imposes on people who do not buy insurance, in effect erasing Mr Obama’s so-called individual mandate, and on larger businesses that do not offer coverage to workers.

It would let states ease Obama’s requirements that insurers cover certain specified services like substance abuse treatments.

The health-care measure could dramatically affect many Americans’ health and financial security while also posing challenges to state governments facing proposed cuts in Medicaid coverage for low-income residents.