Pyne apologises for his same-sex marriage speech

Pyne apologises for his same-sex marriage speech

Peter Dutton has urged the Coalition to move on from Christopher Pyne’s boastful comments claiming victory for the moderates and he assured conservatives that he was a “leader in the government”.

“My remarks were ill-chosen and unwise and I can see how unhelpful and damaging they have been.”

Abbott said on Wednesday that Pyne’s speech, which was leaked to the media, was “remarkably ill-advised and indiscreet” and could not have come at a worse time for the government.

If that was to happen, and Liberal MPs who support marriage equality were to cross the floor on the issue, then Mr Pyne would secure his position in Australian political history.

The last shred of doubt drifted away when Tony Abbott split with Malcolm Turnbull on the best design for our next generation of submarines.

Abbott said as prime minister, he became aware of the limitations of Australia’s submarines when a Russian naval taskforce was deployed in waters north of Australia in 2014.

Speaking at an event in Cooma to spruik the Snowy Hydro 2.0 project on Wednesday, Mr Turnbull made a pitch to government conservatives.

What they got instead, was a prime minister forced to abandon much of his own social agenda to appease conservative factions within his own party in order to hold on to the leadership.

Mr Newman, who was himself ousted from power in one of the largest electoral defeats in Queensland’s history, says he considered standing aside when he saw his government struggling in the polls, but the idea was vetoed by LNP Queensland President Bruce McIver.

On Thursday, Abbott again delivered a high-profile speech to the Centre for Independent Studies calling for his government to explore the option of nuclear submarines.

Australia in a decade or so might face a security crisis in our region with inadequate means to fight back.

Mr Abbott, who was rolled by Mr Turnbull two years ago, told an address to the Institute of Public Affairs in Brisbane on Tuesday night that he would not disappear from the limelight.

“They simply couldn’t get there in time”.

Abbott praised the Turnbull government for seeing through the process he set up to choose the next submarine build.

“We don’t build our jet fighters here, for instance, (although we do build parts for them) so why insist on a local build especially if there’s a big cost penalty?”

Nuclear-powered subs could stay submerged as long as the crew could endure, never have to refuel and can travel at almost 40 knots, Abbott said.