Qatar must implement list of demands: Saudi FM

Qatar must implement list of demands: Saudi FM

The Saudi FM made the statement at a meeting with reporters at the Saudi embassy in Washington, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported. But either way, that hard line and willingness to leave Qatar – a key US ally that hosts almost 10,000 troops supporting the fight against ISIS – out in the cold is at odds with the USA view.

Platts is now proposing to include Al-Shaheen crude loading nominations from Qatar from July 3, following feedback from market participants that some shipping restrictions have been lifted, the company said in a subscriber note to its clients.

Tillerson has said he hopes the list of demands would be “reasonable and actionable“. Once they do, things will be worked out. “If they don’t, they will remain isolated”.

On Friday last week, Dr Gargash threatened Doha with “divorce” from the GCC if the demands were not met.

“The Qataris see through this situation and know that the puppeteer of the so-called “aggression” of the Arab states (namely Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) is the US, whose goal is to force Doha to sign the military contracts for the benefit of the US”, Hanizade told Sputnik.

“What has been presented by the countries of the blockade are merely claims that are not proved by evidence and are not demands”, Sheikh Mohammed was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera TV channel.

Kuwait, with the support of the US, is trying to mediate the dispute between Qatar on one side and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt on the other.

Al-Shaheen crude from Qatar usually co-ships with other Gulf-based grades to make a full tanker load, meaning flexibility of movement is critical to transporting oil out of the region.

“There are certain economic sanctions that we can take which are being considered right now”.

Recently back from his first trip overseas to Saudi Arabia, President Donald Trump also has weighed in on the Qatar crisis, albeit in a way that contrasted his views with those of his secretary of state. “While some of the elements will be very hard for Qatar to meet, there are significant areas which provide a basis for ongoing dialogue leading to resolution”.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani on Tuesday characterized a 13-point list of demands by Arab states to end a blockade against it as “unproven claims”.

“If Qatar was not willing to accept the demands, it is a case of ‘Goodbye Qatar, ‘ we do not need you in our tent any more”.