Reporter rips “bizarre” White House briefings

Reporter rips “bizarre” White House briefings

Yea, Brooke I wish we had some video or some audio from this briefing to share with you but the White House mandated that we are not allowed to cover the White House press secretary for the United States of America in that fashion. He also called out the “suppression of information”, declaring that the White House “should have the backbone to answer questions on camera”. He will likely no longer handle day-to-day press duties, including the daily media briefings.

No official announcement has been made about Spicer’s move, and discussions concerning his role are ongoing, including whether he would still occasionally appear from the podium.

Sanders has previously stated that the administration has been seeking inputs from several people, which is part of their plan to expand the communications operations.

The proposed White House shake-up could end Spicer’s five-month incumbency in the briefing room.

With the upcoming changes, Spicer will assume a supervisory role over both the press and communications offices.

Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has frequently filled in for Spicer, has told people that she doesn’t want the job of press secretary, according to a source close to her.

In the early days of the Trump administration, Spicer was filling both roles.

The White House has consulted an array of Republicans and Trump allies, including Laura Ingraham, the conservative radio host and political commentator.

More and more of Spicer’s briefings have been off-camera in recent weeks, including Monday’s.

David Martosko – the US political editor of, who during the campaign earned a reputation for flattering coverage of Trump, with whom he had a personal relationship – also recently spoke to West Wing officials about the communications operation but is not expected to be offered a role, a senior administration official said.

To honor this moment in Spicer’s career, we’ve edited together Spicer’s most…uh…memorable moments from behind the podium.

When asked about the press secretary’s absence, the Principal Deputy revealed Spicer’s schedule has been hectic since Dubke left his post.

The source added that President Donald Trump hasn’t approved anything so the talk remains just that.