Samsung Galaxy Note 8 key specs leaked online

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 key specs leaked online

However, that does not necessarily answer the question whether upgrading from Galaxy S8 to Note 8 is really worth the price.

This new galaxy note FE will have a smaller battery capacity than what Galaxy Note 7 possessed.

Samsung is also reportedly planning to release the device in limited quantities outside of South Korea in the near future. Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE is not the same device as the Note 7 was. It kinda creates a whole new excitement and vibe of curiosity towards the new handset and makes us want it, greed it more! Except for its habit to spontaneously combust.

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE will have most of the same specs of the original Note 7. And the infinity display of the device turned out to be one of the best parts about the smartphone.

On the camera front, the phone will boast a dual-camera setup at the rear panel which will feature two 12-megapixel dual pixel sensor coupled with optical image stabilisation. If this is true, this means that the Galaxy Note FE will cost significantly less than the original Galaxy Note 7, which arrived past year with a $849 price tag for its unlocked version. After rumors of an apparent release in the month of June, the phone has now received confirmation that it will be sold from July 7 onwards. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE will reportedly be priced below 700,000 South Korean won.

Samsung will apparently introduce enhanced S Pen features with the Note 8 and the device will come with a 3300 mAh battery. The environment groups have asked to fix and reuse the 4.3 million Note 7 handsets that were produced. This might result in less battery life, but it should be one of the necessary solutions that Samsung had to implement to avoid another disaster.

It should go without saying that the Galaxy Note FE will go through the same safety check process, which includes a durability test, charge/discharge test, visual inspection and an X-ray test.