Sessions to face questions on Russia, Comey in high-stakes Senate hearing

Sessions to face questions on Russia, Comey in high-stakes Senate hearing

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate intelligence committee, starting at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, isn’t expected to roil markets.

Both chambers of Congress and the FBI are investigating whether Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 USA election and whether the Kremlin colluded with members of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Although Sessions backed Trump’s campaign, he was also one of the first administration officials to fly into turbulence.

Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m. (1830 GMT), has the potential for high drama as the Russian Federation probe continues to dominate US politics, sidelining President Donald Trump’s domestic agenda.

Sessions declined to comment on those reports, stating only that he had “confidence” in Mueller and that it would not be appropriate for him to fire the special counsel.

President Donald Trump smiles during a Cabinet meeting, Monday, June 12, 2017, in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington.

Part of that is that Sessions, obviously, was not in the room in Comey’s one-on-one meetings with the president, where Comey said Trump directed him to back off the FBI’s investigation into fired national security adviser Michael Flynn.

When will Jeff Sessions’ testify? Shaheen asked Rosenstein whether he’d seen any evidence of good cause for Mueller’s removal (which would be required for him to fire Mueller).

Under President Obama, the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment bars the Justice Department from using federal funds to crack down on marijuana in states where medical use has been approved. During his testimony, the Attorney General was asked if he had been given some of the details about the “active measures” used by Russian Federation to interfere in the USA elections – his answer was, no, as Sessions said he had stayed away from anything to do with the matter, to honor his recusal as Attorney General.

The Huffington Post first reported March 8 that Sessions and the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, had attended that event, at which Trump was also present, but the Justice Department has said Sessions did not speak with the ambassador then.

Comey further claimed that he and members of the FBI leadership team did not discuss Trump’s alleged request for the FBI director’s loyalty as the group believed Sessions would inevitably recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation.

First, Comey told the committee that after a February 14 meeting, Trump cleared the Oval Office of other officials – including Sessions – and then made private comments that Comey interpreted as an improper order to drop a criminal investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser.

Lawmakers, including Al Franken of Minnesota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, have asked the FBI to investigate and to determine if Sessions committed perjury when he denied having had meetings with Russians. “I hope you can let this go.’ I replied only that ‘he is a good guy”‘.

Sessions maintained that he had not been briefed on the Russian Federation investigation between the time of his February swearing-in and his March 2 recusal.

In a congressional hearing on Tuesday, Rosenstein offered assurances about Mueller. At that meeting, a day after Flynn was sacked, Comey said the president suggested that he ease up on the inquiry into his former national security adviser.

Comey recalled that he felt “something big” was about to happen, and “my sense was the attorney general knew he shouldn’t be leaving“.

Newt Gingrich, a former Republican House of Representatives Speaker and Trump ally who initially praised the choice of Mueller, complained this week that Mueller had hired too many Democrats.

“I won’t mince words”, Leahy told Rosenstein during his opening statement. Asked whether he would ever take any action to remove Mueller, Sessions said, “I would not think that would be appropriate for me to do”. “I appointed him. I stand by that decision”. I want to know why he has provided false testimony to me and to Sen.