Taylor Swift’s Music Is Now Back For Streaming On Spotify

Taylor Swift’s Music Is Now Back For Streaming On Spotify

Multi-tasker Taylor Swift has again warmed up to Spotify and at the same time turned down the thermostat on her cold war with Katy Perry. But that’s not exactly the case.

Swift seems to have reconciled her differences with streaming companies in 2017.

Well, it appears the songstress has just done a complete 180, with her representative now confirming her entire catalog will return to all streaming platforms today (Friday 9 June). She said the feud stemmed from a disagreement over backup dancers.

@Jazzdragon wrote: “I have no loyalty with any artists on music but after what Taylor Swift just did, I’m listening to Katy Perry’s new album”.

Fans certainly saw a connection, with many taking to Twitter to speculate over Swift’s motives.

After 3 years of being unavailable to stream, now the singer’s entire catalog is on all the big streaming services.

“You’re calculated. I got your number, ’cause you’re a joker, and I’m a courtside killer queen”, the lyrics go.

Apple quickly changed its policies and struck up an exclusive deal with Swift, getting access to her album 1989 as well as an exclusive on the film made about her tour.

Taylor Swift said she hates Spotify”.

Three years after she boycotted Spotify, Swift is releasing all of her music on streaming channels including Spotify, Tidal and Amazon. Streaming has also become the dominant revenue driver for the recording industry since the release of 1989.

Look, we don’t wanna speculate and the two events could be completely unrelated, but Taylor Swift’s finally ended her feud with music streaming service Spotify the same day Katy Perry releases her new album Witness.

Perhaps most importantly (intimations of dueling pop queen pettiness notwithstanding and not worth repeating), Swift hasn’t released a record in some time. Valuable things should be paid for.