The most awaited gaming console launched

The most awaited gaming console launched

Xbox One X was designed to be the best console to create and play games on, putting the greatest graphic fidelity in the hands of the world’s best game creators to create true 4K games.

The Xbox One X debuts worldwide on November 7, will you be ordering one or nah?

The company said the Xbox One X also features a “liquid-cooled vapor chamber”. You’ll have to make sure your 4K TV or monitor supports HDR, as well.

A year ago at E3 Microsoft hinted that project Scorpio would be a platform for virtual reality gaming, but the company made no mention of VR during the Xbox One X announcement, and no VR games are being launched with the hardware. This particular Xbox can be considered to be the halfway of the Xbox’s lifecycle with the next gen Xbox expected to arrive soon. Microsoft showcased 42 games during its media briefing on Sunday, with 22 of them being Xbox exclusives, but Spencer revealed that “we’ve signed some things we haven’t announced“. So we’ll be taking a look at Microsoft’s push with the Xbox One X (the official name of what was formerly known as Project Scorpio) and Sony’s attempt at keeping the focus on their own consoles and their upcoming library.

The X Box One X has reportedly been made with the technology and features that match playing games on the latest 4K ultra high-definition display televisions. The company may try to get developers to warm up to the platform first before it ultimately launches a headset powered by its game console.

Microsoft used Xbox One X Enhanced program to update 30 third party titles to match the awe of its newest family member. Sony recently announced its PlayStation VR headset sales topped one million units.

Meant to rival Playstation’s PS4 Pro, which also has 4K capabilities, the Xbox One X boasts more RAM than the Sony console and improved graphics processing. Xbox boss Phil Spencer told Eurogamer.