Threatening letters sent to Georgia candidate

Threatening letters sent to Georgia candidate

A day after a group of Republican congressmen were shot at by a Democrat activist in Virginia, Handel and some of her neighbors were sent threatening letters calling her a “dirty fascist” and containing a suspicious white-powder substance.

Atlanta’s ABC News affiliate reported the activity concerns a suspicious package reported in the area.

Ossoff campaign manager Keenan Pontoni said threats of violence had been received in recent days and had been discussed with police.

The lead in the bellwether race to replace former Congressman and current Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price (R-GA) in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has changed hands again.

Republican Karen Handel made a stop at the Wright’s Gourmet Sandwich Shop in Dunwoody on June 15, shaking hands and greeting the lunch crowd as she makes her final pitches to voters before the June 20 runoff with Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Police are stationed in a neighborhood located on Roxburg Drive and Bankside Drive.

What should be a test of Democrats’ ability to retake the House in 2018 could end up being a test of the old “prevent defense” saw that says the only thing it prevents is winning.

The letters contained a powdery substance, with explicit language hurled at Ms. Handel.

On Friday, FBI Special Agent Steve Emmett said agents intercepted several more letters that never reached their intended targets. “The police were quickly notified and street is now being blocked off”.

Handel addressed the threats in a Facebook statement.

“It’s scary. I can’t believe it’s happening here”, said Joe Milholland said.

“I don’t”, she continues, “I’m not aware of anything in the law, right now, that I’m aware of, that’s going to be impactful, from a discriminatory standpoint, against your daughter”, Handel said. “This has just been a situation over the campaign on both sides”.

“What Trump said on the campaign trail and what he’s been doing haven’t been the same because he hasn’t gotten enough support from Congress”. Handel, who also rarely mentions Trump and has argued that the race should be about who has the values and experience to best serve the district, says Ossoff is misrepresenting himself.