Turkish FM holds talks in Kuwait over Gulf crisis

Turkish FM holds talks in Kuwait over Gulf crisis

The crisis has put Turkey in a delicate position as Ankara regards Qatar as its chief ally in the Gulf but is also keen to maintain its improving relations with the key regional power Saudi Arabia.

Apart from the fake Malta story, it had also published two identical articles claiming that Saudi Arabia has ended ties with Kuwait and Yemen due to their support for Qatar.

Turkey is one of the few powerful countries in the Middle East to stand squarely by Qatar after Saudi Arabia, Egypt and several other states proclaimed it a supporter of terrorism and cut off all economic and diplomatic ties.

Earlier on June 18, UAE-based Sharjah National Oil Corp said it did not expect flows of natural gas from Qatar to the UAE to be interrupted by the diplomatic dispute in the region. Last week, Riyadh, along with other Arab governments, severed ties with Qatar, citing its support of Iran as a reason. Saudi Arabia says around 250,000 Saudis visited Turkey past year. Qatar earlier on Monday dismissed the accusations against it as a “publicity stunt” aimed exclusively at sulllying its image and reputation.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, The Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Libya, and Bahrain won praise from Mr Trump for coordinating the anti-Qatari effort. “This is a clear indication that Qatar is being supported by Malta despite enough evidence of them supporting terrorism”.

Also, the Qatar exchange said subscriptions to 3.3 million Doha Bank shares, which had been unsubscribed in the bank’s capital increase, had been completed.

Saudi Arabia’s coastguard has killed an Iranian fisherman in the waters south of Iran, a senior border official of the Islamic Republic says, PressTV reported.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson cancelled a trip to Mexico to try to resolve the crisis.

Washington has been very clear in saying that Qatar, which hosts a massive American military base that is extremely important for the continued USA operations in the region, is a very important partner.

He said Ahrar al-Sham risked “suffering financially from a reorientation of Qatari politics”, even if it continues to enjoy support from Turkey, which has intervened as a mediator in the Gulf dispute.