University’s start to strip cladding from student halls

University’s start to strip cladding from student halls

However, Needham-Laing added that flammable external cladding doesn’t definitively make a building unsafe: “You ma use an element of the building that you know can be combustible. but you then. put in these other factors that mitigate it”.

She said records have been taken from some 60 companies that were involved in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower.

Elsewhere Newcastle University has discovered that the Shield Building, due to open later this year, has been fitted with Reynobond Polyethylen core cladding.

Officials began demanding landlords across the United Kingdom submit exterior cladding samples of their high-rise buildings for fire-testing following the June 14 fire at Grenfell Tower, which left 79 dead and countless others wounded.

Following the Grenfell fire, the government asked all councils to identify any high-rise properties taller than six storeys which have been clad externally with insulating materials.

“That means though, and it is a awful reality, that there are 23 flats where despite huge investigative efforts we have been unable to trace anyone alive who lived there”, McCormack said.

A six-month-old baby was among the latest victims to be identified, found dead in her mother’s arms in the smoke-filled stairwell.

Cambridge City Council tonight have confirmed cladding used in the construction of its Scholar’s Court block of flats on Harrison Drive, is not of a type that requires testing under the government guidelines issued after the Grenfell Tower fire.

Napier University has confirmed the cladding has been used on around a quarter of the outside walls at its newly built Bainfield Halls, in the capital’s Fountainbridge area.

He continued: “Work has already begun to remove and replace the cladding as a precautionary measure, and we are working closely with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to ensure it is safe to continue to use the building as normal”.

The process to remove the cladding is expected to take around four weeks.

Students in three blocks at Nottingham Trent University’s Byron House halls were moved while tests are carried out on the buildings’ Reynobond ACM panelling. Residents are not being evacuated.

“The safety of our staff and students is of paramount importance”.

Bainfield student accommodation buildings which is found to have the same cladding as Grenfell.


Concerns were growing for residents living in private accommodation after the Government stopped short of telling private landlords to carry out mandatory fire safety checks.

“The trust is awaiting advice from NHS Improvement about when and how the cladding system will be subjected to the national safety testing regime”. The previous figure of people believed to have died in the fire was 79.