Was gunman ready to head home before congressman’s shooting?

Was gunman ready to head home before congressman’s shooting?

Now more about what we’ve learned about the man who fired on a congressional baseball practice yesterday.

A list of names – including some Republican members of Congress – was found with the Alexandria shooter, according to a law enforcement source and Rep. Mo Brooks, who was on the list and present at the practice but unharmed by the shooting. NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang is in Belleville and joins us now.

As they prepared for a bipartisan baseball game Thursday night that promised at least a brief lull in the political mud fight, some said they hoped the good feeling would last past the final inning.

But when asked if he was “fed up with the system”, she said “Probably”. “I can’t wrap my head around it”, Hodgkinson said. Euille said that after he would go into the YMCA for his daily morning workout, he would have a coffee in the lobby and tended to talk to people that were around. “I think [the solution] is just exposure and letting people know exactly what is out there”.

The wife of a gunman who shot and wounded a top Republican congressman and several others says her husband went to Washington, D.C. because he wanted to work on tax policy. It’s unclear why he moved but his brother, Michael Hodgkinson, told The New York Times “he wasn’t happy with the way things were going, the election results and stuff”, which was apparently behind his move to Washington.

SHAPIRO: What can you tell us about the current status of the FBI investigation? He used a.30-caliber semi-automatic rifle and a 9 mm handgun.

Authorities believe the 66-year-old had been living out of a van in northern Virginia since March after leaving his southern IL home.

Since Trump’s win, yard signs have sprouted up in front yards all over Del Ray, just blocks from the shooting scene. He’s faced a charge of battery, for example, but that was later dropped. She didn’t know at the time if the person who dropped to the ground had been shot or was just taking cover. And she was shocked by the news, says it was totally unexpected. He has been sedated, but has been brought out of sedation periodically and been able to recognise and communicate with his family, Sava said. Here’s what she said. “I don’t agree with most of what the government does, but if I was going to protest, I wouldn’t do it in that way”.

Democratic leaders during Trump’s presidency have never encouraged their supporters to take violent action, and all of them universally condemned Wednesday’s shooting while re-affirming the need for comity in the tragedy’s aftermath.

Following the Giffords shooting, lawmakers have held fewer open town halls and have been advised to increase security at such events.

In the days after a shooting rampage put an unwanted spotlight on the area, a semblance of normalcy returned to the St. Clair County Building.

Democrats remain deeply upset about Trump’s win and by his presidency, and frustrated over how to channel the energies of a restive and angry base.

In the 2016 Democratic Party primary, Sanders received 14,676 votes, according to the St. Clair County clerk’s office – though Hillary Clinton carried the county, with 17,251 votes out of 32,315 cast. “I can’t help you at all”.