Was The Finsbury Park Mosque “Incident” Terrorism?

Was The Finsbury Park Mosque “Incident” Terrorism?

Police said they were called just after 12:20 a.m. (2320 GMT Sunday) to reports of a collision on Seven Sisters Road, which runs through the Finsbury Park area of the city.

Counter-terror officials said they were closely monitoring terror activity linked to far-right groups but most of the recent attacks have been traced to individuals rather than groups.

The London police are also investigating whether the person who died was actually killed in the attack.

The Muslim Council of Britain said the vehicle had hit people as they were leaving Finsbury Park mosque.

Police guard a street in north London where the van hit pedestrians.

Monday morning the Muslim Welfare House headlined its website with this message: “All of us at Muslim Welfare House sends our thoughts and prayers to the victims and those injured in the major incident at Finsbury Park”.

It also came as Muslims are celebrating the holy time of Ramadan.

“Extra officers are on duty in the area to help reassure the local community”, Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said.

The UK has seen a bombing of a concert in Manchester in May, a stabbing spree earlier this month in the London Bridge area and a March attack in which a man drove a auto into crowds on Westminster Bridge. Check back for updates. The attack Monday hits a community already feeling targeted in the fallout from the London Bridge killings and other attacks blamed on Islamic extremists.

He said, “When things were getting very heated, and we can understand why, Imam Mohammed did a really good job in calming things down and making sure that justice can be done as it should be done via due process, rather than anyone taking the law into their own hands”. However, the mosque was shut down and reorganized and has not been associated with radical views for more than a decade.

Eight people were taken to hospital, with one since discharged, while two others were treated at the scene.

As the bystanders who tackled the driver held him down and waited for the authorities to arrive, one said, the man had urged them to kill him.

“Horrible attack on mosque attendees in London“.

The 52-year-old father-of-six normally attends the mosque – the Muslim Welfare House – whose worshippers were targeted in the early hours of Monday while breaking their Ramadan fast.

Resident Cynthia Vanzella said she was in bed when she heard people shouting.

“When people were holding him down he was saying “you can kill me, I’ve done my job”.

Opened in 1994, Finsbury Park Mosque is an unassuming five-story redbrick building in residential north London, close to Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium.

Finsbury Park Mosque has been home in the past to several Islamist terrorists, including imam Mostafa Kamel Mostafa who is now serving a life sentence for killing four people, and shoe bomber Richard Reid who attempted to detonate explosives packed in his shoe on an American Airlines flight in December 2001.

Standing outside the door of Downing Street, she sought to convey that Britain would not fold in the face of the unprecedented series of horrific events – and that London in particular would stand as a bulwark against anything that sought to undermine freedom.